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Why Being Single Is Better Than Being in a Relationship

Why Being Single Is Better Than Being in a Relationship

Relationships can bring immense joy and fulfillment to our lives. However, being single also has its advantages that are often overlooked. In today’s society where coupling up seems to be the norm, it’s easy to feel pressure to always be part of a romantic partnership. But is that truly the healthiest mindset?

This post will take an objective look at some of the key benefits of being single versus being in a relationship through a variety of perspectives supported by research findings. While love and companionship are wonderful, maintaining independence as a single individual should not be viewed as a negative either.  circumstances.

Autonomy and Freedom

One of the top benefits of being single is enjoying complete autonomy and freedom over one’s life without having to consider another person.

For many, this liberty is extremely rewarding. When single, you have 100% control over how you spend your time, money and live your daily life without needing approval or consultation.

Spontaneity is maximized as well since there are no scheduling difficulties that arise from coordinating with a partner.

Research shows autonomy and independence are strongly linked to well-being. For example, a 2014 study conducted by University of Rochester found that greater autonomy leads to higher life satisfaction across cultures.

Feeling in control of one’s choices, actions and environment is crucial for mental health. As a single person, you don’t need to negotiate or split decisions, allowing you to fully live life on your own terms. Your living space also remains entirely yours without compromise.

Less Conflict and Stress

Being single means avoiding many potential conflicts and stressors that often come with intimate relationships. According to the American Psychological Association, conflicts are one of the top sources of relationship stress.

As couples spend more time together, divergence of opinions on topics like finances, chores, Extended family, hobbies and lifestyle habits can easily cause friction over time.

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As a single individual, there is no one to clash with over daily disagreements. You never need to worry about issues like jealousy, feelings getting hurt during arguments or stress from trying to constantly appease another person.

Living alone allows peace of mind without those interpersonal tensions that occupancy multiple relationships. Some studies have even linked frequent conflicts in marriage to higher rates of mental and physical health problems over the long run compared to those who remained unmarried or single.

More “Me” Time

Another perk of being solo is the abundance of “me” time you enjoy without distractions or obligations to anyone else. When single, the precious free hours you have fully belong to you to spend however you please – whether engaging in hobbies, relaxing alone, focusing on self-care acts or even just lazing around without explanation needed.

There is no need to carve out separate relaxation time from couple activities or make room in your schedule for another’s needs and interests that may not fully align with your own.

Studies show most single people tend be more self-aware and better understand their identities due to ample solo reflection time without another influencing them.

They are also able to focus more deeply on personal growth through hobbies, education and individual pursuits that enrich their lives alone without compromise.

Taking proper time for yourself regularly is known to boost well-being, productivity and life satisfaction in the long-run according to research from Harvard Health Publishing.

Financial Independence

Money matters are often a primary source of tensions between partners. Managing finances jointly requires discussions and compromise that do not exist when flying solo.

As a single individual, you retain complete independence over income, spending habits and savings without need to consult anyone or split costs.

From a purely economic standpoint, singles have significantly lower bills to pay without supporting another person. Their discretionary income remains fully in their hands to use as desired without explaining expenses.

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Research shows those who cohabit or marry commonly experience a drop in living standards due to the added costs of responsibilities like shared housing, utilities, food, childcare etc even when incomes stay the same.

Single professionals on average tend to save and invest higher proportions of earnings according to studies. They retain flexibility to freely relocate for career switches without dependency on another’s approval or situation.

Financial independence allows single individuals greater control over their own long-term stability and security.

Social Freedom

Without commitments to a significant other, singles have unlimited freedom to socialize as they choose without relationship obligations coming in the way.

They are able to freely spend time with various friends, keep or end friendships at will and readily join new social circles and networking activities without worrying how it may affect a partner.

Relationships often come with sacrificing some individual social hours to devote to couple/family time instead according to psychologists.

When alone, a person’s entire weekend is open for casual social plans whenever inspiration strikes without logistical issues.

Spontaneous invites get readily accepted sans permissions needed. This allows singles to more proactively nurture various personal relationships and networks that enrich overall well-being.

Research has validated socializing and community ties significantly boosting mental and physical health throughout life over isolation according to various studies.

No Dependency Issues

Being in an intimate partnership inherently means some degree of emotional and at times even financial codependency where each relies on the other for happiness, affection, decision-making and daily activities.

While interdependence in committed relationships is healthy, codependency issues often stem from fears of being single and alone.

Solo individuals avoid these risks of losing their sense of self or becoming overly reliant on a romantic partner’s validation, support and company according to psychologists.

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When single, you alone are fully responsible for yourself without putting such intense dependency pressures on another fallible human. This allows maximum self-reliance and emotional independence that are very conducive for mental wellness according to studies.

Any capabilities gaps you have remain fully your responsibility to improve instead of leaning on someone else habitually. Relationships require maintenance that singles are spared of through independence as social beings on their own merit.

Personal Growth

Being single provides extensive opportunities to focus inward and prioritize continual self-improvement unlike when supporting another individual as well.

You can invest unlimited time and effort learning new skills, starting an education, changing career paths, living abroad, volunteering, joining support groups and trying novel activities and hobbies that help evolve as a complete person instead of just a partner.

Constant renewal keeps life fresh and purposeful through such personal endeavors pursued fully at your own pace according to psychologists..

Whether it’s furthering qualifications, getting fit, pursuing psychotherapy or simply reading over weekends – singles report higher self-actualization through individualized growth without limitations from a relationship according to scholarly journals.

This inner development uniquely shapes who you become as an autonomous human being rather than being defined through another’s role initially like in partnerships say researchers. Knowing yourself in-depth forms the healthiest foundation for any connections going forward in life.


While positive committed relationships provide invaluable companionship, focusing excessively on coupledom often comes from societal pressures more than within.

This post aimed to offer a different perspective on how being single also uniquely nurtures independence, financial security, personal growth, wellness and liberation in equally rewarding ways according to research.

Mature self-sufficient living shouldn’t be viewed as a negative state either before, within or after romantic experiences. both singlehood and partnerships each have situations befitting different life stages.


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