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What Really Makes a Relationship Great?

What Really Makes a Relationship Great?

When browsing profiles on dating apps like Bumble, it’s easy to get caught up focusing on superficial qualities like physical appearance or a witty bio. But what truly builds a strong, lasting relationship that stands the test of time?

While chemistry and attraction are important, research suggests several key underlying factors that are even more critical for relationship success and happiness. In this post, we’ll explore what the studies and experts say are the core components of a great relationship and how to convey them in your Bumble profile.

Communication is Key

Effective, open communication is consistently cited as one of the most important aspects of a healthy, thriving relationship. According to relationship researchers at the University of Denver, how partners interact with each other on a daily basis has a significant influence on relationship quality and stability over time.

One of the keys to great communication is actively listening to your partner. Make eye contact, refrain from multi-tasking, reflect back what they said to ensure understanding. Ask follow up questions to learn more about what they shared. Avoid being defensive and remember that criticism is of the behavior, not the person. Validate their feelings to show you care.

You can convey the importance of communication in your Bumble profile. Highlight that you’re a good listener who enjoys learning about others. Mention interests in exploring new ideas and having respectful discussions. This signals you value dialogue and understanding over debating to “win” an argument.

Commitment and Loyalty

Beyond just being together, committed couples make intentional efforts to stay together. They treat the relationship as a priority and make sacrifices when needed to support their partner’s needs and goals as well. Loyalty involves having each other’s back through both good and bad times instead of fleeing at the first sign of challenges.

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Displaying commitment doesn’t mean marrying someone right away. On apps, it could mean affirming you’re looking for something serious versus casual flings. Share what you’re willing to compromise for the right person. Express dealbreakers upfront so others understand your standards. Mention past successes overcoming hurdles as a team to build trust.

Shared Values and Interests

While attraction and passion ignite initial chemistry, shared core values, goals and interests are fuel for the long haul. Couples who connect on a deeper level regarding things they genuinely care about report higher relationship quality and satisfaction over the long-term. However, maintaining separate interests and identities is also important.

Highlight a few key causes or lifestyle priorities you feel strongly about in your profile. Mention a few hobbies or activities you enjoy that a potential partner could share in. Keep it broad enough for compatibility while narrow enough to filter for alignment. Photos of you participating in meaningful pastimes can also spark conversations around mutual interests.

Appreciation and Affection

Feeling loved, respected and appreciated is a basic human need within relationships. According to marriage researchers at the University of Washington, couples who express gratitude and affection regularly report greater well-being and commitment to their partners. Simple acts like saying thank you, giving compliments and offering emotional or physical intimacy go a long way.

Your profile is an opportunity to convey your affectionate nature. Kind, flattering words about interests in treating a partner well can give others a glimpse of your caring soul. Briefly sharing what you appreciate in past partners shows the value you place on making someone feel special. Keep it tasteful of course, but a little vulnerability can be romantic.

Manage Conflict Constructively

All couples fight at times. It’s how you handle disagreements that separates successful pairings from destructive ones. Research suggests the healthiest relationships use conflicts as opportunities for deeper understanding versus opportunities to critique or blame the other person. They address problems respectfully while focusing on resolutions, not just reactions.

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If interested in a long-term partnership, own up to any flaws you’re working to improve. Show humility and growth mindset. Highlight how past conflicts made your relationships stronger by increasing transparency and compromise. Lead with empathy and sharing perspectives versus accusations when disagreeing. This demonstrates emotional maturity for navigating hard talks.

Trust and Reliability

Trust is the foundation that allows intimacy and vulnerability to blossom in relationships. It emerges from a partner’s predictable, consistent demonstrations of reliability, honesty and faith in each other over long periods of time. Building trust requires effort each day through small acts of thoughtfulness, punctuality and following through on commitments.

Emphasize your reliability to establish credibility seeking something serious. Share examples of diligence in school/work that illustrate dependability. Highlight any past relationship successes attributed to integrity, honesty and trustworthiness when it counts most. Keep conversations earnest and avoid flaky behaviors that could undermine reliability from the start. Transparency cultivates the safety for trust to grow over time.

Sense of Humor

Laughter has proven psychological and physiological health benefits that also strengthen relationships. Couples who maintain their sense of humor, especially during hard times, report higher relationship satisfaction and resilience dealing with life’s daily stresses together. Being able to relax and have fun builds intimacy while reducing resentment and criticism.

Display a lighthearted side through silly prompts or photos that also feel authentic to who you are. Subtly share what typically makes you laugh to see if you connect with others on that level too. While not the entire focus, humor creates a fun energy that enhances early interactions and long-term bonding within a partnership. It also shows a playful spirit for navigating life’s journey hand-in-hand.

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Make Quality Time a Priority

In this fast-paced world, it’s all too easy for couples — especially those managing jobs, kids and other commitments — to lose sight of genuinely connecting on a regular basis. Research suggests setting aside distraction-free quality time together boosts relationship well-being tremendously by strengthening the emotional bond.

Indicate willingness to unplug occasionally for quality engagement. Provide a couple examples of low-key dating ideas you enjoy, whether it be cooking a meal together at home, hiking local trails, or enjoying a picnic at the park. Communicate availability on weeknights versus just weekends. Conveying openness to making someone a priority through quality interactions builds reassurance in your intentions and character.


While physical chemistry and attraction initially draw people together, the key components identified through research as most critical for building a truly great, thriving long-term relationship centered around communication, commitment, shared interests and values, expressing affection, managing conflicts constructively, cultivating trust through reliability, maintaining a sense of humor and prioritizing quality time together as a couple.

By demonstrating these underlying qualities and abilities in an online profile, whether through written prompts, photos or other creative self-presentation strategies, one can better attract potential partners seeking the same foundations for a deeply fulfilling partnership built to stand the test of time.

Of course, real-life interactions are also vital for assessing compatibility face-to-face based on these core relationship factors. But highlighting them upfront sets the right intentions and allows others to self-select interest or lack thereof early in the dating process.

Overall, while attraction matters, focusing a profile inward to showcase one’s character, priorities, and relationship skills provides invaluable insight for matching with someone aligned for not just initial sparks, but the greater work of cultivating and maintaining a truly great long-term relationship journey together.


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