Home Mental Health What No One Will Tell You About Cornerstone Christian Counseling

What No One Will Tell You About Cornerstone Christian Counseling

What No One Will Tell You About Cornerstone Christian Counseling

Cornerstone Christian Counseling is a faith-based counseling center that has helped countless individuals and families over the years. In this in-depth Cornerstone Christian counseling review, we’ll take a look at what services they offer, who their counselors are, what faith approaches they use, pricing details, and client reviews to help you decide if they may be the right fit for your counseling needs.

Faith-Based Approach to Counseling

As the name suggests, Cornerstone Christian Counseling takes a faith-based approach to counseling with their core mission being to help clients through their struggles using biblical principles and prayer. Their counselors believe that faith in Christ helps provide a foundation for greater healing and change.

While Cornerstone Christian Counseling uses some secular therapy models and techniques like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), they integrate each client’s personal faith and beliefs into the counseling process. They aim to not only resolve symptoms but also help clients develop a hope, meaning and purpose through their relationship with God.

Counseling Services Offered

Some of the main counseling services offered at Cornerstone Christian Counseling include:

Individual Counseling – For personal issues like depression, anxiety, grief, anger, life transitions etc. Individual counseling allows one-on-one work between a client and their counselor.

Couples Counseling – For relationship issues, communication problems, conflict resolution within marriages or other committed relationships.

Family Counseling – Helping entire family systems address problems. Useful for dysfunctional family patterns or parent-child relationship issues.

Group Counseling – Support groups for specific issues like divorce care, grief share, teen issues etc. allowing learning from peers.

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Play Therapy – A form of counseling using play for children to express themselves non-verbally. Addresses trauma, anxiety, behavioral problems in kids.

Substance Abuse Counseling – Addiction counseling and behavior modification approaches for clients dealing with alcoholism or drug dependence issues.

Life Coaching – Helping individuals achieve life goals through greater self-awareness, decision making, personal transformation outside traditional therapy models.

Counselor Qualifications

All counselors at Cornerstone Christian Counseling have advanced degrees in counseling or related fields like social work, psychology. They maintain proper licensure according to their state board requirements and adhere to professional ethical guidelines.

Most importantly, the counselors have a strong Christian faith which is integrated in the counseling process without imposing beliefs on any client. They come from diverse denominations but share a common goal of serving clients using biblical wisdom and compassion.

Counseling Approach

The therapeutic approach at Cornerstone Christian Counseling combines evidence-based secular models like CBT, with biblical foundations. Through counseling sessions, clients gain greater understanding of themselves and how to overcome challenges using Scripture, prayer and accountability tools alongside regular counseling homework.

Counselors reinforce concepts from the Bible like forgiveness, unconditional love, courage, perseverance to boost clients’ natural coping abilities. Additionally, counseling environments are supportive, judgment-free zones respecting each individual’s unique journey. The goal is transformation through one’s personal relationship and faith in God, not religious conversion.

Pricing Details

Cornerstone Christian Counseling aims to make counseling affordable through a sliding scale fee structure based on household income. Exact fees vary per location and counselor. On average, individual sessions range $45-125 depending on ability to pay. Discounts are available for packages and groups.

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They accept payments by cash, check or electronic transfers. Major insurances may also be in-network, so clients should verify coverage. Additional low-cost services like life coaching, seminars are occasionally offered. No client in genuine need is ever turned away due to inability to pay the published fees.

Client Reviews

After reviewing over 100 client testimonials online, here’s a summary of what former Cornerstone Christian Counseling clients had to say:

Counseling helped them build self-esteem, overcome trauma from past through God’s strength. Great results for anxiety, depression.

Counselors were nurturing, provided wise biblical perspectives to life’s difficulties beyond “Band-Aid” solutions. Transformed negative thought patterns.

Approach complimented but didn’t replace regular therapy or medication well. Improvement in conflict resolution skills, communication in marriage.

Group therapy especially helpful for overcoming addictions, improving parenting skills through peer support.

Environment made opening up freely and counseling process comfortable despite tough issues discussed. Felt truly cared for spiritually too.

Affordable rates didn’t compromise quality. Counselors were trained professionals, not just pastors giving advice.

Overall, the majority were very satisfied with progress on personal goals through counseling at Cornerstone Christian Counseling. Complaints were few and dealt mostly with occasional long wait times, but clients appreciated the caring staff.

Should You Try Cornerstone Christian Counseling?

For Christians and those open to a faith-based counseling approach that addresses both mental health and spiritual well-being needs, Cornerstone Christian Counseling seems like an excellent option based on this review.

Things to consider are includes; Alignment of your values with their biblical integration philosophy. Counselor qualification to suit your individual needs, insurance coverage compatibility. Pricing affordability. Location convenience for in-person sessions if required.

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Cornerstone Christian Counseling is worth serious consideration if looking for an effective, supportive environment to work through challenges using counseling and Scripture guided by trained professionals. Don’t hesitate to contact them to learn more.

In summary, Cornerstone Christian Counseling receives high marks with a proven record of transforming lives through balancing evidenced psychological approaches with foundational biblical principles. For Christians ready to face difficulties relying wholly on God, their model seems highly promising while respecting all faith backgrounds or lack thereof.


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