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What is Bumble Speed Dating? Everything You Need To Know

What is Bumble Speed Dating? Everything You Need To Know

Bumble Speed Dating is a new in-app dating feature that allows Bumble users to video chat with multiple potential matches in a short period of time. It aims to recreate the experience of speed dating events, giving users a fun way to meet and evaluate several romantic prospects in just one evening from the comfort of their homes.

How Bumble Speed Dating Works

Bumble Speed Dating sessions start at a set time, similar to participating in an actual speed dating event. Users sign up beforehand for a specific date and time slot for their speed dating session.

During the allotted time period, they will enter a video chat round-robin with 9-10 other same-sex Bumble users who also signed up for that time. Chats start automatically as participants are rotated every 4 minutes from one mini-date to the next.

After each short video date, users have the option to like or pass on that person. If there’s a mutual like between two users after the event, they will be notified and can continue chatting one-on-one if they wish.

Why Try Bumble Speed Dating

Bumble Speed Dating eliminates much of the awkwardness of traditional speed dating events. There’s no pressure to approach strangers or make small talk as you wait for an event to start. Video chats begin automatically at the scheduled time.

The feature also opens up speed dating to those who can’t attend events in person due to location, scheduling conflicts, or other issues. As an in-app experience, Bumble removes geographic restrictions so users can meet prospects beyond just those in their local area.

Additionally, the at-home setup creates a comfortable atmosphere for what can be an intimidating dating format for some. Users can participate from their couch with their favorite snacks and drinks on hand to help calm the nerves.

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Preparing for Your Bumble Speed Dating Session

Taking a few minutes to prepare can help you make the most out of your Bumble Speed Dating experience:

Set the scene – Make sure you have good lighting and minimal background noise so matches can see and hear you clearly during short video chats. Close other tabs and apps on your device to avoid distractions.

Practice chatting – Speed dating moves fast by design, so get comfortable starting short conversations quickly. Have some initial questions or talking points in mind to keep mini-dates fun.

Look the part – Present your best self during video dates. Wear an outfit that makes you feel confident and style your hair/makeup as you would for any first date scenario.

Charge devices beforehand – To avoid battery issues during the event, give your device a full charge. Have your charger handy just in case as well.

List preferences – Take a few minutes to complete your Bumble profile including age filters, distance settings, and deal breaker preferences to improve match compatibility.

Bumble Speed Dating Protocol & Etiquette

Bumble Speed Dating aims to provide users with low-pressure mini-dates so they can gauge compatibility efficiently. Keep these etiquette tips in mind so the experience stays friendly and enjoyable for you and your matches:

Focus on one match at a time – You’ll likely feel a temptation to multi-task when the 4-minute timer starts counting down. Avoid checking emails or texts so your match feels respected.

Be patient – Glitches can occur when launching video with multiple users. If someone drops off, wait a minute or two for them to reconnect before moving on.

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Lead with positivity – The first few seconds make a crucial first impression. Welcome your match with a warm smile and upbeat attitude instead of awkward silence.

Avoid interruptions – Each match is only 4 minutes, so avoid cutting off your match mid-sentence. Let them share and respond before moving the conversation in another direction.

Stay present – With frequent video chat turnover, it’s easy to start thinking ahead to your next match. Offer your current mini-date your complete attention for best results.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bumble Speed Dating

If you’re new to Bumble Speed Dating, you probably still have plenty of questions about how it all works. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions to help you learn more:

How much does it cost to participate in Bumble Speed Dating?

Bumble Speed Dating is a free feature for current Bumble app users as part of Bumble Date. You do not have to purchase any upgrades or passes to participate.

Can anyone sign up for a session?

Bumble Speed Dating requires users to have a validated profile before joining an event. Validated profiles prove users’ identity through a selfie which cuts down on catfishing concerns.

How are matches selected during events?

Bumble employs their patented Behavioral Matchmaking system during Speed Dating which learns your preferences to select relevant matches. Users can further customize compatibility by applying filters for age, location, height, religion, etc.

How many people join each speed dating session?

Bumble caps Speed Dating sessions around 10 same-sex participants to keep the process intimate. Mini-dates occur in a randomized order.

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What happens if I miss the start time of an event?

To maintain organized rotations, Bumble Speed Dating does not allow users to join a scheduled event mid-progress. However, nothing stops you from signing up for another session later on that fits your schedule.

Can I video chat for longer than 4 minutes if there’s a connection?

The 4-minute timer ensures all participants cycle through mini-dates fairly during Speed Dating. However, if you mutually Like each other’s profiles afterwards, you can continue chatting one-on-one outside of the session.

How long do I have after the session to Like/Pass on matches?

Bumble gives users 24 hours after your Bumble Speed Dating session wraps up to review matches and decide if you want to Like their profile or Pass.

Ready to Meet Your Match Faster?

Bumble Speed Dating breaks down typical online dating frustrations like endless swiping, long messaging back-and-forths, and vague plans by encouraging real-time interactions with potential matches from the start.

Its video chat format helps determine compatibility and connection much quicker so you can spend less time searching and more time dazzling your best matches.

If you’re an adventurous, social spirit looking to expand your dating pool beyond your bubble, activating Bumble Speed Dating is an efficient way to evaluate multiple prospects in fun low-pressure environments. Don’t spend months trying to coordinate that first date when you could chat with intriguing matches in just one evening!

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