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Top 5 Most Famous Divorce Attorneys in Los Angeles

Top 5 Most Famous Divorce Attorneys in Los Angeles

DWhen going through a divorce, finding the right divorce attorney Los Angeles can make all the difference. You want someone experienced who knows how to navigate the legal system and fight hard for your rights. In this post, we’ll review 5 of the most famous and successful divorce lawyers practicing in Los Angeles today.

Here they are.

1. Laura Wasser

Often called the “Disso Queen,” Laura Wasser is arguably the most well-known divorce attorney Los Angeles has to offer. With a client list that includes celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears, andKelly Clarkson, Wasser has secured some of the biggest celebrity divorce settlements in history.

Laura Wasser has over 25 years of experience handling high-profile divorces for A-list clients in California. She truly understands the complex legal and privacy issues that come with famous clients.

She founded her own law firm, Wasser Cooperman & Mandles, located in Beverly Hills. The firm specializes solely in family law and divorce.

She has negotiated divorces totaling billions of dollars, like Dr. Dre’s $100 million settlement. She’s well-versed in issues like dividing major business assets.

Laura Wasser Appeared on shows like Divorce Court to provide commentary on famous divorces. This has elevated her celebrity status within the family law world.

She Wrote the book It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way: How to Divorce Without Destroying Your Family or Bankrupting Yourself. It offers insight into her negotiation strategies.

There’s no denying Laura Wasser has redefined the concept of the “Hollywood divorce.” Her aggressive yet discreet approach has served countless rich and famous clients well over the years. For a high-stakes or public divorce in LA, she’s arguably the top choice.

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2. Neil Geoffrey Brown

Neil Brown has over 40 years of experience practicing family law in Beverly Hills. Some key things that make him one of the most sought-after divorce attorneys Los Angeles:

Extensive trial experience. Brown tries more dissolution cases than almost anyone else in California. He’s known for being tough in the courtroom when needed.

Handles complex business divorces. Brown has a mastery of issues like dividing ownership of private companies, real estate holdings, and other substantial assets acquired during a marriage.

Used as an expert witness. Courts have brought Brown in as an expert witness in major divorce cases due to his expertise evaluating marital assets.

Well-established reputation. His firm Brown & Rosen has been located in Beverly Hills since 1979. Brown’s long-standing career gives clients confidence.

Personal approach. While aggressive in court, Brown sees the human side of divorce and helps minimize trauma for children involved.

For any divorcee in LA seeking an attorney willing to fight tenaciously both in and out of court, Neil Brown is among the most respected names around. His trial record shows why he’s been successful for so long.

3. Marilyn Chinitz

As a partner at LA’s Sherman & Chinitz family law firm, Marilyn Chinitz brings decades of experience resolving divorce cases both through settlement and trial. Here are some notable things to know:

Specializes in high-net-worth divorces. Chinitz has handled billion-dollar business divorces where assets require very careful dividing and negotiation.

Sharp analytical and settlement skills. She’s known for thoroughly researching cases and proposing creative settlement options clients and judges appreciate.

Active in legal organizations. Chinitz holds leadership roles with groups like the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, showing her expertise and influence.

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Works with a father-daughter legal team. Partnering with her daughter Liza at Sherman & Chinitz gives clients comfort knowing their case will stay within the family.

Practical approach. In addition to being a aggressive litigator, Chinitz counsels clients on post-divorce financial planning to obtain the best long-term results.

For any divorcee in LA dealing with major assets or businesses to divide, few attorneys match Chinitz’s experience crafting strategic, client-focused settlements or litigation strategies if needed. Her renown makes her one of the best choices.

4. Dennis Wasser

Married to fellow famous attorney Laura Wasser, Dennis Wasser has built an impressive family law practice of his own at Wasser Cooperman & Mandles. Here are some things that make him one of LA’s top divorce attorneys:

Dennis also has over 25 years experience. Like his wife Laura, Dennis has decades of handling high-profile divorces, business dissolutions, and other complex cases.

Strong business background. Wasser has an MBA to accompany his law degree, giving him an edge evaluating ownership interests, stock options, IP rights, and other business assets during divorce.

Well-connected in Hollywood circles. Representing stars like Mel Gibson and Keanu Reeves, Wasser understands the particular needs and privacy issues that come with celebrity clients.

Co-author of the book 24/7: How Cell Phones and the Internet Change the Way We Get, Stay in Touch, and Communicate. He understands modern communication challenges in cases.

Passionate trial litigator. While preferring settlements, Wasser has shown in court he’ll fiercely advocate for clients if needed through skilled examination and argumentation.

The combination of his elite firm, business experience, and decades protecting high-profile clients makes Dennis Wasser a superb choice for any major or complex divorce in LA.

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5. Maggie Star

As the principal attorney at her Beverly Hills-based practice The Star Family Law Firm, Maggie Star has represented a wide variety of high-profile clients through divorce. Here’s what sets her apart:

Over 20 years experience negotiating major entertainment divorces. Star has handled cases involving Fortune 500 CEOs, NBA players, and many celebrities.

Laser focus on client interests. Star prides herself on ensuring clients’ well-being post-divorce through customized settlement plans factoring emotional needs as well as financial terms.

Dual background in psychology. Star’s undergraduate degree helps her gain insight into clients’ emotions and family dynamics, aiding in counseling and advocacy.

Expertise in divorce mediation. In addition to litigation, Star is a trained collaborative divorce professional, allowing flexible resolution pathways for many cases.

Charismatic educational speaking style. Star regularly shares knowledge at events, elevating her and her clients’ brands within LA legal and entertainment communities.

With her keen client focus combined with deep industry knowledge, Maggie Star consistently achieves top-tier outcomes for her diverse clientele during life-changing divorces in Hollywood.


Whether battling over billions, navigating the complexity of large business interests, or simply seeking the smoothest possible resolution, these five attorneys have long proven themselves among the most formidable divorce representation Los Angeles has to offer.

Their unique skills, experience levels, and career accomplishments make any of them superb choices for divorce cases in LA county.

With insights into their expertise, clients can feel empowered to choose the best attorney suited for their individual circumstances. Going through divorce is challenging enough- having professional guidance from legal all-stars makes a difficult process more manageable.



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