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Top 5 Best Divorce Mediation Attorneys in Maryland

Top 5 Best Divorce Mediation Attorneys in Maryland

Breaking up is hard to do, as the saying goes, and ending a marriage through divorce is one of life’s most difficult experiences. However, going through divorce mediation with the help of an experienced attorney can make the process much smoother.

Divorce mediation is an alternative to traditional litigation where the divorcing couple works with a neutral third party, usually a trained mediator, to come to an agreement on issues like child custody, visitation, and property division.

In this post, we’ll explore divorce mediation and share profiles on the 5 attorneys who are the best in Maryland for helping couples achieve resolution through this process. By working with a skilled divorce mediator attorney, you can minimize conflict and cost while maintaining control over the outcome. Let’s get started!

What is Divorce Mediation?

Before diving into specific attorney profiles, it’s important to understand exactly what divorce mediation entails. At its core, mediation is a voluntary process where the divorcing spouses meet with a neutral third party mediator to have structured discussions and try to come to an agreement on all divorce-related issues.

Some key points about divorce mediation:

Voluntary participation – Both spouses must agree to try mediation. If one party refuses, the case defaults to traditional litigation in court.

Focus on interests, not positions – The mediator’s role is to help each side understand the other’s perspective and interests behind their demands, paving the way for creative solutions.

Win-win mindset – The goal in mediation is for both parties to reach an agreement where they both feel they’ve gotten something of value, not to defeat the other side as in litigation.

Saves time and money – Mediation is generally much faster and cheaper than going to court, allowing couples to obtain closure sooner with less financial burden.

Maintain control – By crafting their own agreement together, divorcing spouses retain autonomy over the divorce terms rather than leaving decisions up to a judge.

So in summary, divorce mediation provides a cooperative alternative to the adversarial court process where former spouses have the opportunity to resolve outstanding issues respectfully and on mutually agreeable terms.

Let’s now explore the top divorce mediation attorneys in Maryland.

Melissa Robinson

One of the most highly regarded divorce mediators in Maryland is Melissa Robinson of Robinson Mediation in Baltimore. She has over 20 years of experience successfully guiding hundreds of couples through the mediation process.

A key strength Melissa brings is her collaborative and empathetic approach. Rather than acting as an evaluator or decision maker, her role is to facilitate open communication so each party feels heard and understood. She acknowledges the valid emotions behind opposing viewpoints to build trust for finding shared solutions.

Melissa also has extensive training in child development and the impact of divorce on families. This expertise serves her well in mediating disputes over complex parenting arrangements, school choices, holiday schedules, and more to serve the best interests of any children involved.

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Thanks to her calm and reassuring presence, she can defuse high tension or conflicts quickly so discussions remain constructive. Many clients appreciate how she brings out the best in each person even during stressful exchanges.

While some mediators come from a legal background, Melissa’s training is rooted in counseling and psychology. This therapeutic framework gives divorcing couples helpful perspective for moving forward with resilience after the process concludes. She guides them towards an mentally healthy transition and co-parenting strategy as they enter their new normal.

With her compassionate people-first approach and vast experience guiding amicable resolutions, Melissa Robinson stands out as one of the top divorce mediators in Maryland.

David Wilson

Another hugely experienced mediator who consistently achieves favorable settlements is David Wilson, founder of Mediation Solutions in Rockville. In practice for over 25 years, he possesses a deep well of knowledge about family law.

A notable strength David brings is his ability to evaluate the legal and financial complexities of each divorce case quickly yet thoroughly. His background as an attorney and CPA enables him to analyze all relevant factors efficiently like assets, debts, retirement accounts, small business interests, and more.

Having this macro view of each spouses’ full fiscal picture allows David to spot potential issues or inequalities that may arise from different settlement proposals. He can run what-if financial projections to compare outcomes and ensure any agreement is fair for both short and long term.

In addition to number-crunching skills, David excels at preparing clients emotionally and practically for mediation. He offers initial coaching sessions to discuss interests, priorities, best and worst case litigation scenarios. This upfront groundwork helps couples work through challenges methodically with realistic expectations when they sit down to mediate.

Feedback consistently shows David’s calming temperament, high emotional intelligence and ability to draw the best from both sides through gentle persuasion. Even deeply entrenched exes leave feeling validated yet motivated towards resolution under his guidance.

With his legal, financial, and interpersonal talents, David Wilson stands out as one of the top divorce mediators not just in Maryland but nationwide.

Jennifer Cooper

No list of the best divorce mediators in Maryland would be complete without Jennifer Cooper of Resolve Family Law Mediation in Hagerstown. She has gained widespread recognition over the past 15 years for achieving successful agreements in even the most acrimonious of divorces.

Jennifer has a unique strength in her versatility. With a background in family law, psychology and social work, she brings multi-disciplinary expertise to address complex divorce cases involving not just property and custody concerns, but also issues like domestic abuse, addiction, trauma or mental health challenges.

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She pairs deep empathetic listening abilities with a no-nonsense approach to keep discussions efficiently focused. Jennifer won’t tolerate disrespectful behavior yet understands strong emotions may flare given high stakes. Her skill lies in de-escalating tensions respectfully through paraphrased reflections to get at true interests beneath surface conflicts.

In addition, Jennifer thoroughly researches each divorcing family’s full history and context prior to mediation. This investigation provides a nuanced understanding of relationship patterns, past agreements or court rulings, standards of living and more. With all relevant considerations addressed, she crafts customized agreements tailor-fitting unique family dynamics.

Clients consistently give Jennifer high praise for maintaining complete impartiality and confidentiality. They feel fully heard without judgement, empowering them to make clear-eyed decisions leading to durable outcomes. Her expertise guiding agreements covering complex legal, financial and co-parenting terrain make Jennifer one of the best mediators in Maryland.

Lisa Reynolds

For over a decade now, divorcing couples in Southern Maryland have turned to mediator Lisa Reynolds of Amicable Divorce Solutions in Waldorf when seeking a cooperative resolution. She has an innate gift for conflict transformation even in tense environments.

Lisa’s strength lies in her optimism and knack for reframing perspectives. Rather than seeing divorce strictly negatively, she encourages clients to view it as an opportunity for personal growth and establishing a new co-parenting dynamic. With positivity as the mindset, discussions transition from attacking to problemsolving mode.

She carefully listens to understand each narrative holistically from emotional, rational and relational angles. By acknowledging people feel heard on a deeper level, tensions deflate rapidly under Lisa’s guidance. She brilliantly balances affirming various viewpoints with keeping agreements focused on children’s interests.

In addition, Lisa applies mediation strategies flexibly to suit different couple dynamics. Some prefer open sharing while others want private caucusing. She skillfully blends these formats for the most productive discussions tailored to unique circumstances and stages of reconciliation people may be in emotionally.

Routine client feedback cites feeling immediately at ease in Lisa’s warm presence. She leads with empathy, wisdom and wit even as complex issues emerge around parenting plans, religious upbringing, retirement benefits or refinancing jointly owned homes. Lisa ranks among the top mediators in Maryland for achieving legal yet amicable resolutions.

Marianne Arnold

Rounding out our list of the 5 best divorce mediators in Maryland is Marianne Arnold of Resolution Mediation Group in Rockville. She brings 15+ years of successfully guiding negotiations, particularly involving businesses or other complex assets acquired during lengthy marriages.

One key strength Marianne offers is her analytical rigor. As a previous attorney, she fully grasps intricate legal issues yet maintains an open-minded coaching style. Marianne thoroughly investigates financial disclosure documents, premarital agreements, partnership shares ownership or shareholder rights ahead of sessions.

With proper context established, her mediation approach involves brainstorming options creatively rather than forcing adversaries into preconceived positions. Marianne elicits collaborative problem-solving from spouses by reframing perspectives on how to divide resources equitably not exclusively.

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Further, no detail escapes her watchful eye. From retirement funds to real estate holdings, business contracts to intellectual property rights – Marianne helps bring resolution even to the most nuanced divorces entangling assets and careers built over decades together.

Above all, her calm and reassuring manner provides stability through emotional turbulence. Marianne knows financial disputes can stir strong feelings yet artfully redirects energy towards cooperation and settlement each time tensions mount during mediation. Her pragmatic empathy is precisely what complex divorces require to achieve agreement.

Finding the Right Mediator

Hopefully this overview has provided a good introduction to divorce mediation and profiles of five top attorneys who specialize in helping families achieve resolution through this alternative process. The next step is to choose a mediator who feels like the best fit based on your unique situation and needs.

Here are a few tips:

Consult with your divorce attorney for referrals to vetted professionals in your area. An attorney familiar with local mediators can point you towards someone with relevant experience.

Review mediator websites and biographies closely. Look for expertise handling similar cases involving parenting, finances, business assets or other complexities mirroring your circumstances.

Ask about mediation style. Some prefer open-discussion while others like private caucusing. Make sure the mediator’s approach resonates with your comfort levels.

Inquire about fees and payment structures upfront. Mediation costs can vary widely. Know what’s included and arrangements for additional time if needed.

Trust your intuition during initial phone consultations. Discuss your concerns honestly and see if the mediator makes you feel at ease, understood and willing to open up productively.

Check reviews and success rates. Peer endorsements and quantifiable metrics like average time saving clients money and reaching agreements can indicate a quality mediator.

With divorce, taking the time to find the right fit mediation-wise pays off emotionally and practically in achieving a resolution minimizing conflict. These tips should help you select a skilled professional tailored optimally to serve your unique family’s needs.


Going through divorce mediation rather than litigation offers myriad advantages if you choose an experienced, talented mediator. By crafting mutually agreeable arrangements jointly, divorcing couples maintain control and avoid draining time and finances in lengthy court battles leaving outcomes uncertain.

The attorneys profiled here stand out among Maryland divorce mediators based on proven track records helping numerous families resolve sensitive issues regarding children, property and finances respectfully.

By guiding open discussions focused on interests not positions, keeping situations from escalating emotionally, and bringing practical perspectives informed by years of experience, they give divorcing individuals and couples a smoother path.


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