The Top 5 Best Marriage Counsellors in Calgary

    The Top 5 Best Marriage Counsellors in Calgary

    Breakdowns in communication. Feelings of disconnect. Ongoing arguments over the same issues. If any of this sounds familiar, you may be experiencing relationship difficulties that could benefit from marriage counselling.

    While seeking help doesn’t necessarily mean your relationship is beyond repair, it does indicate a desire and willingness to work through problems together. Counselling provides insightful tools and strategies to enhance understanding between partners on a deeper level.

    In this article, we will explore the top 5 marriage counsellors in Calgary that can help you rebuild intimacy, trust and fulfillment in your union. All counsellors highlighted are experienced, credentialed professionals with a proven track record of success.

    Let’s dive in!

    1. Dr. Janet Sutherland – Seasoned Narrative Therapist

    With over 20 years experience working with couples, Dr. Janet Sutherland is a leading marriage counsellor in the city. She has a PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Calgary and is registered as a clinical member with the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy [credentialing body for professionals in the field].

    As a narrative therapist, Janet helps partners externalize problems in their relationship rather than blaming each other. This reframing technique allows issues to be viewed from a more objective lens, thereby decreasing criticism and defensiveness during discussions.

    She often invites clients to share their relationship ‘love story’ – how they met, fell in love, created meaningful memories together. Recalling positive aspects of the past helps rekindle feelings of goodwill that may have become lost or buried under resentment over time.

    Janet is skilled in emotion-focused therapy which explores underlying attachment styles and fears that sabotage closeness. Through gentle guidance, she supports partners to communicate needs, set healthy boundaries and resolve conflicts in a caring, respectful manner that strengthens the bond.

    With a warm, empathetic approach and flexible appointment scheduling, Dr. Sutherland offers a compassionate environment for couples at any marriage stage to heal rifts and reignite passion. Her nuanced understanding of relationships makes her highly recommended among peers.

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    2. Dr. Steven Chan – Solution-Focused Hypnotherapist

    While hypnotherapy may seem unconventional for marriage counselling, Dr. Steven Chan has had tremendous success using these integrative techniques over the past decade. He holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology from York University and is a certified hypnotherapist with the Alberta Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists.

    Dr. Chan subscribes to the solution-focused model which aims to help clients focus on desired relationship outcomes rather than problem symptoms. By directing energy towards a preferred future, this positive perspective fosters hope and shifts concentration away from difficulties that often dominate conversations.

    During hypnotherapy sessions, Steven gently guides partners into a pleasant, relaxed state where unconscious beliefs impacting behaviors can be identified and transformed. Issues like infidelity, parenting conflicts or communication struggles may stem from early learned patterns that no longer serve the partnership well as an adult.

    Hypnosis allows the reprogramming of ingrained mindsets so spouses can behave in new, healthier ways conducive to reconciliation and rebuilding trust. Clients report surprise over how brief sessions create deep, sustainable changes to thoughts and feelings about one another.

    Dr. Chan is welcoming, attentive and skilled at customizing hypnotherapy techniques to suit individual relationship dynamics. He possesses expert knowledge around attachment theory and emotional regulation that helps nurture security, respect and fulfillment amongst couples in distress.

    3. Sylvia Belli, MA – Integrative Experiential Therapist

    A master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Calgary coupled with over 15 years clinical practice means Sylvia Belli brings a wealth of training and hands-on experience to her work. She is a registered psychotherapist with the Alberta College of Social Workers.

    Sylvia incorporates diverse modalities under the integrative experiential framework. These may involve emotionally-focused activities, mindfulness meditations, creative expression through art/music or mindfulness-based practices to deepen awareness of triggers and enhance self-regulation when tensions arise.

    She believes unresolved conflicts often stem from childhood wounds that remain raw spots in adult relationships. With empathy and care, Sylvia gently guides partners through transformative experiential processes to uncover deeper meaning, heal past hurts and regain emotional intimacy through improved understanding of one another.

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    Whether exploring family of origin dynamics through genograms or facilitating tactile expressive therapy, Sylvia facilitates breakthroughs that allow spouses to communicate in honest yet caring ways. Her calm presence encourages vulnerability so inherent patterns blocking connection can safely surface and shift towards healthier patterns.

    Clients appreciate Sylvia’s compassion, wisdom and ability to customize unique treatment plans fitting individual religious/cultural backgrounds and relationship stresses presenting for counselling. She offers a judgment-free zone for reconnection through therapeutic experiences outside traditional talk therapy formats.

    4. Dr. David Clark, PhD – Cognitive Behavioral Specialist

    Cognitive behavioral therapy is a highly effective approach supported by decades of research validating its utility for various mental health issues as well as relationship distress. Dr. David Clark is a leading practitioner in Calgary with 25+ years providing counselling for struggling couples.

    He holds a doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of British Columbia and is a registered psychologist approved by the College of Alberta Psychologists. David has authored numerous peer-reviewed publications on using CBT models to treat intimacy and communication problems amongst spouses.

    In sessions, David works collaboratively with clients to identify negative thought patterns and core beliefs fueling dysfunctional emotions that trigger unhelpful behaviors damaging the bond. With compassion, he challenges automatic assumptions in a way that promotes insight rather than defensiveness through Socratic questioning techniques.

    Replacing distorted cognitions with rational, flexible ones fosters improved moods and interactions amongst partners. Constructive coping strategies, assertiveness training and problem-solving skills form important areas of focus in therapy to prevent repeats of past mistakes.

    Dr. Clark is highly skilled at optimizing treatment approaches for specific cultural, religious or lifestyle needs including modern issues like financial strain, addiction or trauma histories hindering relationship fulfillment. His proven methodology produces long-lasting results through teaching emotional regulation and conflict resolution abilities.

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    5. Dr. Fiona Ellis – S*x Therapist Specializing in Intimacy Issues

    As a registered psychologist and certified s*x therapist, Dr. Fiona Ellis brings extensive expertise in s*xuality counselling to address common concerns that damage marital connection such as mismatched libidos, performance anxiety or past relationship trauma reducing s*xual intimacy.

    She completed her doctorate at the California School of Professional Psychology and internship at the Kinsey Institute conducting s*x research. Fiona employs a multifaceted therapeutic model addressing medical, psychological, relational and cultural factors influencing a couples’ intimate experiences.

    Part of treatment involves education to normalize variations in s*xuality, enhance communication about desires/boundaries and learn new connection-building skills through sensate focusing exercises. Fiona gently guides spouses towards vulnerability, care, acceptance and pleasure rather than performance pressures through mindfulness, breathing techniques and counseling.

    With compassion, she helps uncover deeper emotional blocks rooted in body image, power dynamics or past traumas currently triggered during intimacy that require extra empathy, trust and patience to resolve. Fiona believes fulfilling s*xuality arises from overall partnership wellness which she supports through exploring relational patterns, emotional needs and lifestyle influences impacting closeness.

    Her kind, non-judgemental manner cultivates safety to explore sensitive issues hindering fulfillment. Many clients feel relief in addressing intimacy obstacles previously too embarrassing to discuss which Fiona normalizes through validating experiences as very common relationship concerns with solutions through collaborative counseling goals and homework assignments.

    I hope this overview has provided valuable insight into top marriage counsellors specializing in holistic treatment approaches including cognitive-behavioral, narrative, hypnotherapy, experiential and s*x therapy models proven effective for rebuilding broken bonds.

    All professionals highlighted possess extensive credentials, compassion and customized skills to help guide couples towards resolution of presenting issues and long-term relationship wellbeing.

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