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The 7 Best Podcasts For Marriage Help [An In-Depth Guide]

The 7 Best Podcasts For Marriage Help [An In-Depth Guide]

Marital issues can be challenging to navigate. However, with the right guidance and tools, you can work to strengthen your relationship. Podcasts are a convenient way to gain insightful perspectives and actionable strategies from experts while on the go.

In this article, we’ll explore 7 of the best podcasts for marriage help based on quality of content, popularity, and reviews. Each show offers a unique approach yet shares the common goal of empowering couples. By the end, you’ll have a robust list of high-value listening options to help your marriage blossom.

Let’s get started!

1. Where Should We Begin? with Esther Perel

Esther Perel is a renowned relationship therapist known for her bestselling books on intimacy and eroticism in long-term partnerships. With over 25 years of experience counseling couples, she brings a refreshing blend of empathy, wisdom and candid perspective to “Where Should We Begin?”.

Each episode follows Perel’s session with an anonymous couple. Listeners bear witness to their raw struggles and breakthroughs, giving an intimate look into real relationships. Perel’s nuanced guidance helps partners understand each other on a deeper level through open communication and self-reflection.

For couples wanting to reconnect emotionally or discuss delicate topics, this podcast provides a safe space. Perel’s calming yet insightful presence can help clarify perspectives and stir important conversations. With over 500 episodes, there’s no shortage of issues covered like sexuality, infidelity, parenting tensions and more.

2. Marriage Therapy Radio with Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott

Leslie and Les Parrott are renowned relationship experts and authors of bestselling books like “Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts”. Through their entertaining yet substance-filled podcast, they unpack the latest research and real-life dilemmas faced by committed couples.

Each episode addresses a core theme through interviews and engaging discussions. Regular features look at the science behind relationships, offer practical relationship tools, or profile high-profile couples. Listeners gain a well-rounded understanding of marriage from different angles like communication, conflict resolution, finances and more.

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The Parrotts have a natural rapport that keeps topics lively yet meaningful. Their expertise balances positivity with realistic challenges, giving hope and actionable steps. Recent episodes dive into topics as diverse as fostering intimacy, dealing with differing love languages or handling busy schedules as partners. With over 10 years of new content, this show is an inexhaustible resource.

3. Where Do We Begin? with Rachael O’Connor

Marriage and family therapist Rachael O’Connor brings a calming charm to “Where Do We Begin?”. Based in Australia, she navigates universal relationship issues with empathy and humor and a down-to-earth style.

O’Connor sees individual clients as well as couples. This gives her show an added dimension as she discusses not just partnerships but also improving self-awareness. Regular features dissect communication barriers, anger triggers or relationship expectations through revealing case studies.

While addressing heavy subjects, the overall tone remains optimistic and solution-focused. Listeners walk away feeling empowered rather than stuck. Recent episodes provide stellar guidance for issues like asserting needs respectfully, dealing with criticism constructively or balancing couple time with parental duties.

With over 10 years of airtime, this podcast’s archives are a goldmine regardless of where you are in your relationship journey. O’Connor’s calming presence and tangible methods make difficult conversations feel less daunting.

4. Love and Respect with Dr. Emerson Eggerichs

Based on Dr. Emerson Eggerichs’ renowned book by the same name, “Love and Respect” unpacks the science and philosophy behind healthy relationships through a Christian lens.

Eggerichs posits that the key to any marriage’s success lies in meeting each partner’s basic emotional needs – wives needing to feel respected and husbands needing to feel loved. This fundamental premise forms the backbone of thought-provoking discussions with guests each episode.

While focused on helping Christian marriages, the show’s universal principles apply to committed partnerships of any faith. Key topics range from resolving conflicts respectfully to meeting sexual needs, intimacy, finances and effective parenting as a united front.

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Listeners gain a scientific understanding of gender differences and each role’s unique needs. Action plans provide tangible ways to apply weekly discussions for lasting impact. With 17 seasons running strong for over a decade, this podcast offers a treasure trove of battle-tested marital tools.

5. Marriage Anew with Ron and Georgia Deal

Relationship educators Ron and Georgia Deal offer warmth and wisdom on their long-running podcast “Marriage Anew”. As counselors themselves, they bring a blend of biblical principles and psychological insights to navigate complex issues gracefully.

Each episode follows an engaging interview format with experts and authors. Recent compelling discussions explored topics like rekindling romance, overcoming anxiety and depression as partners, and more. Regular advice segments dispense tried-and-tested tips from their counselling careers.

Listeners appreciate the Deals’ positive yet pragmatic approach. While rooted in faith, principles resonate universally for committed partners wanting to refresh connection. The upbeat chemistry between hosts ensures entertainment alongside education. With almost 20 years of weekly episodes, their archives serve as an inexhaustible wellspring for revitalizing any marriage.

6. Thriving Marriage Podcast with Ron L. Deal

For those wanting focused discussions on specific marital challenges, “Thriving Marriage Podcast” offers a deeper dive. Host Ron L. Deal has over 30 years of counseling experience and is a renowned author and international speaker on relationships.

Rather than cursory overviews, each episode homes in on impactful topics through compelling guest interviews. Recent discussions provided excellent guidance for issues like overcoming affairs, regaining lost intimacy or dealing with difficult in-laws.

Deal’s warm yet direct interview style draws out practical wisdom and tangible takeaways. Listeners feel empowered to address issues proactively rather than remaining stuck or overwhelmed. The podcast equally benefits individual growth alongside strengthening partnerships.

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With focused specialty content updated weekly, this is an invaluable resource for troubleshooting specific challenges, whether long-standing or recent. Deal’s compassion and expertise make even delicate topics feel approachable.

7. The State of Affairs with James Cordova

For a unique historical and cultural perspective on relationships, look no further than “The State of Affairs” hosted by Dr. James Cordova. As an anthropologist and human sexuality expert, he examines intimacy through an unvarnished yet enlightening lens.

Rather than simplistic formulas, each episode offers thought-provoking analyses backed by rigorous research. Listeners gain revelatory insights through discussions on topics spanning sexuality, cohabitation trends and cross-cultural marital practices over history.

By understanding wider socioeconomic forces impacting commitment over time, partners can better recognize unhealthy patterns versus building healthy habits. Cordova’s warm yet wise presence ensures knowledge feels empowering rather than judgmental.

For established partners or those just starting out, this podcast prompts reevaluation of expectations through a longer view of relationships and human bonding. Episode archives compile an indispensable database for any student of relationships.


The podcasts highlighted cater to a diverse range of learning styles and needs. While each show possesses unique merits, their shared goal remains helping couples strengthen emotional and physical intimacy for lifelong partnership.

With so much content between them, the above options provide a robust knowledge base regardless of stage in your relationship journey. Try a few and see which host or format clicks best with your communication needs.

Consistent listening paired with open-minded practice can maximizing the impact of marital education. But remember meaningful changes starts from within – be willing to honestly reflect on yourself too for best results. Wishing you the very best in your relationship discoveries ahead!

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