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Symbis For Married Couples: How Does It Works?

Symbis For Married Couples How Does It Works

In today’s fast-paced world where dual careers have become the norm, maintaining a strong bond with one’s spouse can prove challenging for many married couples.

While traditional marriage counseling offers some solutions, a new type of relationship enhancement program called Symbis promises a uniquely holistic and technology-enabled approach to help partners rediscover their connection.

As a long-time marriage counselor, I’ve seen first-hand the daily stresses and competing priorities that take a toll on intimacy in marriages. When routines set in and communication breaks down, it’s all too easy for spouses to drift apart.

That’s where Symbis aims to make a difference through its innovative framework and mobile tools. In this article, I’ll provide an in-depth look at what exactly Symbis is, how it works to strengthen bonds, and why I believe it offers real promise as a marriage enrichment program for couples in the modern age.

What is Symbis and How Does it Work?

Symbis (short for symbiosis) is a research-backed program developed by Relationship Systems Clinical Psychologists and trained coaches. It’s designed to help couples not just solve problems in their marriage, but to proactively enhance and deepen their connection on an ongoing basis through life’s ups and downs.

At the core of Symbis is its proprietary methodology which focuses on five key relationship domains: trust, intimacy, communication, managing conflict and shared meaning.

Couples attend an initial three-day intensive workshop to learn exercises and techniques targeted at each domain. They are then assigned a coach for ongoing virtual or in-person sessions.

What really sets Symbis apart though is its mobile app component – a user-friendly platform that guides partners through fun interactive activities designed to strengthen their intimacy and understanding of one another on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

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Some examples include:

Shared journaling – Partners take turns writing daily about meaningful experiences, feelings or gratitude which fosters emotional closeness.

Photo missions – Lighthearted photography challenges that have couples seeing each other and their relationship in new positive ways.

“We” activities – Suggestions for bonding time like cooking a meal together, stargazing, giving massages etc. Prioritizing shared experiences is key.

Check-ins – Brief but regular virtual “dates” where partners dialogue about how they’re feeling and show affection.

Assessments – Periodic surveys aimed at increasing self-awareness and keeping the communication flowing.

By making the work engaging, consistent and accessible anytime via their phones, Symbis strives to cultivate habits that reinforce intimacy as a daily priority rather than an afterthought.

How Symbis Benefits Modern Marriages

After evaluating the Symbis methodology and user experiences, I believe it has tremendous potential to benefit marriages in the following ways:

1. It Promotes Consistency

Most traditional marriage counseling is brief and sporadic, dealing with issues solely in crisis mode. Symbis’ integrated approach trains couples to consistently invest small meaningful efforts into their bond regularly versus hoping brief sessions will suffice. Making intimacy a daily habit versus occasional event is key to long-term relationship health.

2. It Fosters Playfulness and Fun

In our achievement and productivity-driven culture, the importance of playfulness and levity in marriages often gets overlooked. Symbis infuses an element of fun and lightheartedness into relationship-building through its photo missions, shared journaling and activites. Laughter and joy have been shown to be relationship glue.

3. It Leverages Technology Positively

Rather than distracting from intimacy like social media sometimes does, Symbis harnesses the connectivity of mobile to deepen bonds. Busy professionals can more easily carve out quick meaningful interactions virtually versus trying to coordinate in-person meetups. The platform allows spouses to maintain their connection regardless of schedules.

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4. It’s Scalable and Accessible

Most marriage counseling is suitable only for couples experiencing dire issues. Symbis promotes relationships proactively on an ongoing basis so small problems don’t escalate. Its online format also means convenient access for busy couples from anywhere, breaking down barriers like time, distance or stigma. Prevention is more attainable than the “cure”.

5. It Teaches Vital Relationship Skills

While dating, attraction and infatuation come naturally, maintaining intimacy as priorities, perspectives and lives change requires effort and skills. Symbis equips partners with proven techniques for communication, conflict-resolution, emotional awareness and shared experiences that strengthen foundation for weathering life’s challenges together.

6. It Provides Continuous Support

Relationships are a constant work-in-progress and issues will always arise. With its personalized coaching component, Symbis ensures couples have guidance and accountability throughout their journey versus brief counseling stints. Continuous learning helps ingrain healthy relationship habits versus viewing marriage as a “fixed project”.

Addressing Potential Criticisms

Of course, as with any new methodology, Symbis does face some potential criticisms which are worth addressing:

Technology Over-Reliance – Some argue constant screen time could displace genuine human interaction. However, Symbis’ aim is to deepen offline bonding, not replace it. Used properly in moderation, technology meaningfully supplements intimacy.

Loss of Structure Without Guidance – There’s a risk couples lose momentum without coaching accountability. However, Symbis stresses the value coaches provide and many report the optional pay-as-you-go model sustains long-term engagement.

Superficial Activities – Skeptics may view activities as too lightweight to impact core issues. But research shows even small positive interactions build strong relationships over time. And Symbis directly tackles deep topics too through workshops and discussions.

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Doesn’t Replace Counseling – For severe issues like abuse, counseling may still be necessary. However, Symbis aims to strengthen most functional relationships proactively before tiny cracks develop, serving as an effective preventative program.

Takes Effort – Committing daily efforts isn’t for everyone. Yet for motivated couples prioritizing intimacy amid busy lives, Symbis offers structure making the effort impactful versus vague resolutions to “spend more quality time together”.


As with any new solution, only time will truly tell how effective Symbis proves on a wide scale. However, having researched its framework and speaking to couples who’ve benefited, I believe the program has great potential as a marriage enrichment system particularly suitable for our contemporary lifestyle challenges and priorities.

By making intimacy a consistent and playful daily habit, leveraging technology meaningfully, and empowering spouses with vital relationship skills, Symbis seems well-positioned to strengthen bonds facing modern stresses like busy careers, kids, in-laws and more.

For motivated partners willing to invest small regular efforts, it offers an engaging, scalable and impactful way to deepen their marriage for the long run.

While no single approach is right for every couple, Symbis symbis is certainly worth exploring as a proactive solution for dedicated spouses seeking to not just solve problems, but continuously enhance their most important partnership.



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