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Peace Love Happiness Plant Shop Review

Peace Love Happiness Plant Shop Review

The sign above the entrance reads “Peace, Love, Happiness” – a mantra promoting positivity. Stepping inside the Peace Love Happiness Plant Shop, it’s clear this is no ordinary greenhouse. With its calming atmosphere and lush assortment of greenery, the shop aims to spread good vibes throughout the community.

After browsing their selection and speaking with the knowledgeable staff, I came away impressed by their dedication to wellness through plants. In this blog post, I’ll provide an in-depth “peace love happiness plant shop review” sharing my experience and evaluating their offerings.

A Sanctuary of Serenity

Upon entering, the aromatherapy misters fill the air with soothing scents like eucalyptus and lemon balm. Soft acoustic music plays, birds chirp in hanging cages, and a gentle fountain bubbles in the corner.

These calming sensory elements work together to relieve stress and promote relaxation. The lighting is warm and dim without being too dark – making the space feel peaceful without hindering one’s ability to properly inspect the plants.

The shop utilizes “biophilic design” principles to incorporate nature indoors. From the living moss walls to the hanging vines, every detail brings the outdoors in.

Research has found exposure to natural elements like foliage can lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety, and speed up recovery from illness. With its nurturing atmosphere, the Peace Love Happiness Plant Shop offers a true sanctuary of serenity in the middle of a busy city.

An Extensive Collection of Houseplants

Browsing the plant selection is like exploring a lush indoor jungle. They carry over 50 varieties of houseplants from common to rare. Labels provide the botanical and common name along with care instructions tailored for beginners. Categorized by light and water needs, buyers can easily find options suitable for their home environment.

Some top sellers include the easy-care Devil’s Ivy, fuzzy Spider Plant, and Peace Lily renowned for its mood-lifting flowers. More unusual beauties like the string of pearls, rabbit’s foot fern, and neon pothos add exotic flair.

For those wishing to try their green thumb, propagation stations allow you to start new plants from cuttings. Staff give guidance on propagating techniques to encourage self-sufficiency.

Their houseplants come in a range of price points from under $10 starter plants to rare specimens over $100. The selection appeals to all levels of plant parents from newbies to serious collectors.

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And with their plant-sitting service, vacationing customers can rest assured their botanical babies will be well cared for while away. Beyond basics like light and watering frequency, proper care instructions consider natural growing conditions to keep foliage flourishing indoors.

An Ethical Approach to Wellness

Upon further discussion with the shop’s founder Lee, their mission goes beyond green aesthetics to holistic well-being. When asked about their mantra of “Peace, Love, Happiness”, Lee explained the inspirations.

“Plants remind us of our connection to nature and each other. By bringing more greenery indoors, we hope to spread more joy, calm, and positivity in a stressful world.”

This aligns with recent studies finding exposure to nature can help reduce mental fatigue, anxiety, and aggression. With humanity trending toward urbanization, Lee saw an opportunity to better weave the outdoors into our indoor spaces through houseplants.

Beyond their therapeutic qualities, many popular houseplants like pothos also clean indoor air of toxins like benzene and formaldehyde from furniture/building materials.

During the pandemic, Lee noticed even more customers seeking refuge in greenery. “It’s been incredible witnessing how much solace people find in nurturing plants during difficult times. Many shared how their garden has become a place of Zen.

” By promoting well-being through plants, Lee strives to build a community focused on health, mindfulness, and care for the environment. The shop even holds workshops on topics like plant-based self-care routines.

It’s clear the Peace Love Happiness Plant Shop envisions wellness holistically – not just physical health but also mental, emotional, and environmental. Their ethical approach aims to uplift both people and planet through the simple act of planting. With research continually emerging on biophilia’s positive impacts, their mission will likely gain even greater significance in years to come.

An Expert and Supportive Team

The staff truly shines as the heart of the Peace Love Happiness experience. Passionate plant people ready with care tips, they make choosing plants approachable and low-pressure.

No question is too basic as they eagerly share their years of collective horticultural wisdom. New plant parents feeling overwhelmed get reassurance it’s okay to make mistakes along the gardening journey.

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Lee leads the team with empathy, positivity, and prioritizing community. Each employee possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of botany thanks to Lee’s rigorous training program. But beyond facts, they radiate genuine warmth putting customers at ease.

No sales pressure exists – rather an opportunity to simply share their love of plants. During visits, I often saw regulars happily chatting with staff like old friends catching up. It’s clear connecting through plants fosters strong bonds of goodwill.

An on-site plant doctor also offers plant sittings and diagnoses issues like pests or nutrient deficiencies. Knowledgeable help means healthy houseplants and peace of mind for busy owners.

The staff go above and beyond to nurture both indoor greenery and their relationships with loyal customers. With such an expert, yet down-to-earth team, every visit feels like relaxing chat with green-thumbed friends. Their support plays a big role in the shop’s positive reputation.

A Community Hub for Plant Parents

In addition to retail, the Peace Love Happiness Plant Shop strives to be an inclusive community hub. Regular events like weekly meetups and monthly workshops foster connections over shared plant passions.

Some past classes covered topics like terrarium building, macro photography, and planting for pollinators. It’s a chance for like-minded folks to learn, problem-solve together, and simply enjoy green company.

The shop sponsors a local botanical club where members receive perks like early access to rare plants. Green-fingered volunteers also maintain the shop’s extensive demonstration gardens out back. These productive edible, herbal, and pollinator plots beautify the space while cultivating plant knowledge. Customers always feel welcome to relax and picnic amongst the blooms.

Several local plant artists and small businesses rent booth space to support themselves and add creative flair. From plant potters to illustrated guides, it’s a joy browsing their nature-inspired wares.

Lee takes pride in uplifting others through the shop’s platform. By encouraging community and collaboration, the Peace Love Happiness Plant Shop blossoms into so much more than retail – it’s a vibrant hub for the green-minded.

Holistic Products for Thriving Plants and People Alike

In addition to their live plants, the shop offers a curated selection of complementary products. From organic plant feed to terra-cotta pots, their supplies use only high-quality, eco-friendly materials. A range of planters suits various styles from simple to statement pieces. Their macrame hangers add bohemian flair while preserving valuable shelf space.

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For gardeners, the shop carries premium potting mixes, pots, stakes, and tools. Those looking to expand their green spaces will find inspiration in display gardens out back. Supplies include heirloom flower and vegetable seeds, organic pest controls, and rain barrels for water conservation.

A corner apothecary stocks herbal teas, tinctures, and aromatherapy blends made with therapeutic plants. These holistic goods promote wellness through both ingestion and diffusion. Local artisans also leave soaps, salves, and botanical beauty products tapping plant extracts’ skin nurturing qualities.

By providing a wide assortment of related offerings, the Peace Love Happiness Plant Shop becomes a one-stop shop for all your indoor plant and gardening needs. Their thoughtful curation creates a cohesive experience promoting well-being through connection to nature. Stocking only the best, most earth-friendly supplies helps their devoted customers thrive.

A FIVE STAR Shop for Plants, People, and the Planet

In conclusion, the Peace Love Happiness Plant Shop receives the highest recommendation in my “peace love happiness plant shop review”. With its focus on community, education, and wellness, every element works seamlessly together. The knowledgeable staff provide approachable guidance in nurturing plants and bonding over nature.

Their ethically run shop uplifts local artisans and the surrounding greenery. Emphasis on natural materials, recycling, and sustainability means supporting growth for both houseplants and responsible business practices. Events foster an inclusive network of plant lovers across skill levels. The peaceful atmosphere paired with top-quality greenery, supplies, and service make it well worth the visit any day of the week.

As an advocate for holistic wellness, mental health, and environmental mindfulness, I believe this unique shop aligns perfectly with my values. Whether seeking calm refuge or expert plant care tips, the Peace Love Happiness Plant Shop delivers.

By cultivating connection, positivity and care for both people and planet, they receive my highest recommendation. Their mission to spread more joy through plants deserves celebration and support. I’m grateful such a special place exists to nourish our communities indoors and out.

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