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LegalZoom Divorce Review: Are They Worth It?


Getting a divorce is never easy, but LegalZoom aims to simplify the process and make it more affordable through their online divorce services. In this in-depth LegalZoom divorce review, we’ll take a comprehensive look at what they offer and whether it’s a good option for your needs.

How Does LegalZoom’s Divorce Service Work?

LegalZoom’s divorce service allows you to file for an uncontested divorce entirely online at a fraction of the cost of hiring a lawyer. Here’s a brief overview of the process:

1. Complete an eligibility questionnaire. LegalZoom will ask you questions to determine if your divorce qualifies as uncontested and can be filed through their service. This means both spouses agree on all divorce issues like property division, child custody, and support.

2. Enter divorce details. If eligible, you’ll provide information about yourself, your spouse, your marriage, and any children. You’ll also need to specify your requests regarding property, debts, custody, support, and other terms.

3. Review divorce documents. LegalZoom generates customized divorce papers based on your state and the information you entered. You can review them to make any needed revisions before filing.

4. File with the court. Once finalized, LegalZoom will electronically file your completed divorce papers with your local court on your behalf.

5. Complete the process. The court will handle the remaining steps like serving your spouse and granting the final decree. LegalZoom provides phone and online support throughout the process.

So in summary, LegalZoom automation handles document preparation so customers can complete an uncontested divorce without a lawyer – saving both time and money compared to a traditional legal representation divorce. But is their service truly viable for everyone’s needs? Let’s dive deeper.

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LegalZoom Divorce Eligibility and Limitations

The first question to ask is whether LegalZoom divorce could even work for your specific situation. Their service has some important limitations to be aware of:

Only uncontested divorces. As mentioned, both spouses must agree to all divorce terms like property division, debts, custody, child support, alimony for LegalZoom to handle the filing. If your divorce involves any disagreements, you’ll likely need a lawyer.

Certain residency requirements. You or your spouse must have lived in your filing state for at least 6 months before starting the LegalZoom process. Some states have even longer residency periods before allowing no-fault divorces.

Only applies in certain states. Currently, LegalZoom only offers their online divorce services in around 30 states. Your state must be on their approved list or you’ll have to pursue the traditional route with a local attorney.

So while LegalZoom aims to simplify uncontested divorces, those limitations mean it may not be a practical solution if your divorce involves any disagreement or if you don’t meet residency requirements in your state. It’s important to thoroughly review eligibility before committing to an online-only process.

Pricing and What’s Included with LegalZoom Divorce

Let’s talk pricing and exactly what LegalZoom provides at different cost levels. Their divorce packages currently start at around $350 with offerings scaling up from there:

  • Basic ($349): Includes document preparation only. You handle filing and serving paperwork yourself.
  • Deluxe ($549): Adds electronic filing and sheriff delivery service of papers to your spouse.
  • Premier ($849): The full-service option including filing, service of documents, and one legal consultation.
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You can also pay additional fees for extras like responding to asset valuations from your spouse or child support worksheets. No matter the package, the final divorce decree is not guaranteed. LegalZoom is not officially representing you in court either.

On pricing, potential additional state filing fees not included. These vary and you’ll need to pay separately. Annual savings compared to average divorce lawyer costs of $15,000 – $30,000 depending on complexity.

However, LegalZoom cannot handle legal issues that arise. Also, free consultation available to determine if service eligibility and needs fit within their offerings.

So in summary, LegalZoom aims to dramatically cut costs versus lawyers, but you do lose personalized representation and do more of the legwork yourself with their lower packages.

LegalZoom Divorce Reviews – What Customers Say

No review would be complete without looking at what actual LegalZoom divorce customers say about their experience with the service. Here are some key takeaways from online reviews:

Positive Reviews

  • Processes seemed straightforward and well-organized. Forms were professionally drafted based on information provided.
  • Affordable option that saved thousands compared to hiring an attorney for an uncontested divorce.
  • Online and phone support was responsive and helpful when questions arose during the process.

Negative Reviews

  • Struggled with completing financial disclosure forms, asset/debt details without attorney guidance.
  • Confusing or incomplete filing instructions led to returned documents and delays.
  • Limited legal advice leaves customers on their own if issues like unexpected custody disputes arise during process.
  • Poor communication at times from LegalZoom, not responsive to questions or status updates on filings.
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Is LegalZoom Divorce Worth It? Final Thoughts

So in summary, the key question remains – is LegalZoom divorce worth it for your situation or not? Here are a few final points to consider:

For truly simple, uncontested divorces, it can save thousands versus hiring an attorney if you qualify. But any hint of complexity and you risk issues by not having legal guidance. Consult with a lawyer if unsure.

Make sure your needs fit all their eligibility requirements before purchasing a package. With lower packages, you do take on more responsibility like filings and service.

Reviews show the service works best for organized individuals able to clearly understand paperwork and processes. You lose the personal advocacy an attorney provides and are on your own if disputes arise later in some jurisdictions.

In the end, LegalZoom aims to increase divorce access and simplicity when appropriate. But their limitations mean it’s not a fit for every case.

Thoroughly evaluate your circumstances and consider consulting with counsel as well before fully committing to their online divorce offering. An attorney may still prove worthwhile for your situation in the long run.

So in summary, LegalZoom provides a lower-cost option for do-it-yourself divorce filings when needs are straightforward. But limitations mean it’s not practical for all situations. Thorough evaluation is key to ensure a good fit.

For complex cases or those unsure of eligibility, speaking with a lawyer directly remains the safer choice. Perhaps start with a LegalZoom free consultation for initial guidance as well.


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