How to Measure for Your Cartier Love Bracelet

    How to Measure for Your Cartier Love Bracelet

    When it comes to fashion accessories as iconic as the Cartier Love Bracelet, finding the correct size is paramount. After all, this emblem of romance and devotion was designed to be worn tight against the skin in a continuous band wrapped around the wrist. But with its slender 18-karat gold design, getting the right fit can seem like an elusive quest.

    In this article, I’ll walk you through the process of accurately measuring your wrist for a Cartier Love Bracelet. By following these steps carefully, you’ll ensure you end up with a bracelet that hugs your arm just right without being too loose or tight. Read on for all the insider tips and tricks to nailing this fashionable fit.

    Know Your Wrist Type

    The first step is determining your basic wrist type. Are you on the small side with thin bones, average, or larger and more muscular? This will provide a starting point for your bracelet size.

    Cartier offers the Love Bracelet in half sizes ranging from size 15 to size 19. Most women fall between sizes 16-17, while men typically need a 17-18. However, wrist shape plays a big role too. Those with delicate features often require a size or half size smaller than average. Likewise, athletes and those with defined wrist muscles may need to size up.

    Measure Accurately at Home

    Now it’s time to get out a measuring tape and record your actual wrist circumference. For the most accurate results, measure in the late afternoon after any swelling has gone down. Wrap the tape snugly but not tightly around the widest part of your wrist, right above the bump of the bone on the underside.

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    Make sure to keep the tape parallel to the floor and have a friend double check the number. Note this first measurement as it serves as your base size. Keep in mind wrists can fluctuate slightly throughout the day, so you may need to size up or down depending on comfort.

    Consider Cartier’s Fit Guidelines

    Once you have your base measurement, compare it to Cartier’s fit charts to see where you fall in their recommended sizing. They suggest the following circumference guidelines for the Love Bracelet:

    • Size 15: 14-14.5 cm
    • Size 16: 14.5-15 cm
    • Size 17: 15-15.5 cm
    • Size 18: 15.5-16 cm
    • Size 19: 16-16.5 cm

    However, these are very general. Some may prefer a bolder or subtler fit depending on style and wrist anatomy. Let the tips in the next section be your guide there.

    Go By the Finger Test

    The real test of fit is how it feels on your arm. No measurement is as accurate as trying the bracelet on yourself. At your local Cartier boutique, ask to try on bracelets in a range of half sizes around your base size.

    Pay attention to the finger test—you should be able to comfortably fit no more than one finger underneath the bracelet. Any more than that and it risks sliding around. Too tight and it may leave indentations. The goal is a snug but flexible fit you can turn easily.

    Take your time finding that Goldilocks size. Rotate through a few options before deciding which feels just right. Don’t forget wrist size can vary up to a full size throughout the day too based on activity level.

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    Consider Future Sizing Needs

    When picking a size, think ahead about potential future fluctuations. Weight gain or loss, muscle changes, or swelling from injuries could all potentially impact how the bracelet fits down the road.

    If you anticipate gaining more muscle definition or your wrist filling out more, it’s safer to size up slightly to allow for future changes. But someone with naturally small or slender wrists may benefit from sizing down to keep a tight fit as years pass. Listen to your intuition on what fits your lifestyle needs best now and later.

    Make the Final Commitment

    Once you’ve tried on options, re-measured, and listened to your gut, the time has come to commit to a size. Have your selected Love Bracelet professionally engraved if desired, then relish the anticipation of wearing this timeless piece every day.

    Be sure to keep the official Cartier resizing pamphlet that outlines options and pricing for future adjustments if ever needed. But with the right initial measurements and fit tests, your Love Bracelet is destined to hug your arm perfectly for years to come as a symbol of eternal affection. Follow these steps carefully and your own love story can stay as close as the bracelet on your wrist.


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