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How to Get Your Crush Back After You Messed Up

How to Get Your Crush Back After You Messed Up

We’ve all been there – you really liked someone and things were going well, but then you did or said something stupid that pushed your crush away. Now you’re left wondering how to get them back and if it’s even possible to repair the damage that was done.

Fear not, getting your crush back after messing up is not impossible with the right approach. In this article, I’ll show you exactly what you need to do to win them back.

Let’s dive right in.

8 Things to do to Get Your Crush Back After You Messed Up

1. Take Responsibility For Your Actions

The first step is to own up to your mistake. Don’t make excuses or try to blame others – you need to admit to your crush that you messed up and accept responsibility for your actions. This shows maturity and that you’re willing to be accountable.

Compose a sincere apology letter or email where you acknowledge specifically what you did wrong without justifications. Make it clear you understand how your actions made them feel and that you regret hurting them. Ownership of the issue is essential to rebuilding trust.

2. Analyze Where It Went Wrong

To avoid repeating the same mistake, you need to figure out exactly what caused things to go sour originally. Was it something you said that came across the wrong way? Did your actions not match your words?

Take time for self-reflection to pinpoint the core issue so it doesn’t end up being a recurring problem. Look at the situation from their perspective to gain insight into what pushed them away. Understanding what you did specifically will help create a plan to show positive change moving forward.

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3. Give Them Space Initially

After apologizing, fight the urge to constantly contact your crush. Even if you want to make things right as soon as possible, bombarding them with messages and calls will often do more harm than good. You need to respect their boundaries and allow some time apart for things to cool off.

Resist the temptation to plead your case right away or beg for another chance. Give them space to process their emotions without pressure from you. The space will also allow you to focus on personal growth so you have developments to report to them later on.

4. Improve Yourself In The Meantime

While giving space, you should proactively work on becoming a better partner. Figure out the character flaws that contributed to the issue and strengthen those areas. Attend counseling if unresolved personal issues were a factor.

Pursue hobbies, spend time with friends, hit the gym – do things that are good for your mental and emotional well-being. When you reconnect, your crush will see the progress you’ve made on yourself which builds trust in your commitment and ability to change. The self-improvement shows you took the situation seriously and emerged stronger.

5. Reach Out Respectfully After Time Has Passed

Once you feel enough time and distance have been established, you can make polite contact again. Send a short follow up message thanking them for taking your previous discussion, acknowledge more time has gone by, and ask if you could meet to discuss things further if they are open to it.

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The purpose here is not to beg for another chance but rather to respectfully communicate you’ve been working on personal growth and would value the opportunity to update them in person when they are ready. The ball is still in their court about whether to meet.

6. Address Lingering Concerns If They Are Willing To Meet

If your crush agrees to meet, be prepared beforehand with how you will respond to any lingering worries or doubts they express. Really listen to fully understand their perspective without getting defensive. When it’s your turn to speak, reiterate your accountability and share tangible ways you have grown since.

Offer reassurances while also respecting their process for potentially letting you back in. Don’t put unnecessary pressure on them for an immediate yes – keep the focus on repairing trust. The goal is to leave the door open for potentially reconciling down the road once sufficient time has elapsed.

7. Maintain Positive Changes Long-Term

If you are fortunate enough to get a second chance, don’t squander the opportunity. Continue putting in effort each day to uphold the changes you’ve implemented. Small thoughtful gestures go a long way here such as bringing them coffee, cooking dinner, or sending sweet cards.

Make sure to address problems through respectful communication rather than avoidance or blame. Meanwhile, don’t lose focus on personal growth so you keep evolving into someone they are proud to call their partner. Over time, maintaining consistent positive changes is what will truly help you win them back for good after a mistake.

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8. Don’t Lose Hope If At First You Don’t Succeed

There’s no guarantee your crush will forgive you right away even if you follow all the right steps. However, that doesn’t mean the situation can’t improve down the road as trust continues rebuilding. If at first they still aren’t ready to reconcile fully, be respectful of their timeline and continue showing consistent effort on your growth.

Periodically check-in respectfully without expectations while also focusing on your own well-being. Sometimes people just need more time – your demonstration of maturity through this process could eventually change their mind over the long run. As long as you continue growing personally, there is hope the outcome may be different further down the line if this is truly meant to be.

Wrapping Up

In closing, getting your crush back after messing up is challenging but absolutely possible with effort and time. The keys are taking full accountability for your actions, using the period apart for personal growth, respectfully reestablishing communication, and then consistently upholding the positive changes implemented.

While the path requires dedication and patience, it gives the relationship the best shot at long-term success through rebuilding authentic trust. Have faith in the process and keep improving yourself – eventually that healing work could very well lead to a happy ending with your special someone.


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