How To Apply for Spouse Visa in Qatar

    How To Apply for Spouse Visa in Qatar

    Moving to a new country is an exciting yet daunting endeavor, especially when your spouse is a citizen of that country. If you plan on joining your wife or husband in Qatar, you’ll need to obtain a spouse visa.

    In this article, I will walk through the entire spouse visa application process in Qatar, from preparing your documents to submitting your application and receiving your visa. Let’s begin.

    Types of Spouse Visas in Qatar

    Before starting the application, it’s important to understand the different types of spouse visas available in Qatar. There are two main categories:

    Initial Spouse Visa: This is for a non-Qatari spouse joining their partner in Qatar for the first time on a long-term basis. The initial spouse visa is valid for 1 year.

    Renewal Spouse Visa: This is for renewing an existing spouse visa after the initial 1 year period. Renewal visas are granted for 3 years at a time.

    Within these two categories, there are also different visa classes based on your spouse’s citizenship status and occupation:

    • Spouse of Qatari Citizen
    • Spouse of Expat with Professional Job
    • Spouse of Expat with Non-Professional Job

    The class you apply under will determine things like visa validity period and medical requirements. Make sure to check your exact class before starting your application.

    Preparing Your Documents

    Putting together all the required documents can take time, so it’s best to start gathering them well in advance of your desired arrival date in Qatar. Here are the key documents needed for a spouse visa application:

    Passport: Your valid passport must be recently issued (within 10 years) and have at least 6 months remaining validity. Make sure your name is spelled exactly the same across all documents.

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    Marriage Certificate: An original or authenticated copy of your marriage certificate in English is required. If married outside Qatar, it must be notarized.

    Sponsor’s Documents: This includes your spouse’s Qatari ID, recent utility bill as proof of address in Qatar, and passport bio page.

    Sponsor’s Employment Proof: Your spouse must submit proof of stable employment like their employment contract or recent salary certificate from their employer in Qatar.

    Photos: Two recent passport-sized photos of yourself are required.

    Health Insurance: You’ll need to provide proof of valid health insurance covering Qatar for the duration of your visa.

    Medical Test Results: Depending on your nationality and visa class, you may need to undergo medical tests for infectious diseases and attach the results.

    Completing the Online Application

    Once you have gathered all required documents, it’s time to start the online application process. Here are the basic steps:

    1. Visit the Qatar Visa Processing Center website and select “Family Visit/Residence Visa”
    2. Register by creating a profile and uploading documents like your photo and passport bio page.
    3. Select your relationship as “Spouse” and the type of visa based on your circumstances.
    4. Enter your personal details and your sponsor’s details exactly as shown on supporting documents.
    5. Pay the application fees online by credit card. This is usually around 500 QAR but may vary by visa class.
    6. Upload scanned copies of all required documents in PDF format.
    7. Schedule and attend a biometrics appointment at the VFS Visa Application Center to provide fingerprints etc.
    8. Your application will now be processed. Status can be tracked online using your application number.
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    Be sure to fill all details accurately to avoid delays. Allow 15-30 days for initial visa processing depending on workload.

    What Happens After Application Submission?

    After submitting your completed application online, there are a few possible outcomes during the processing stage:

    Approval: If all documents are in order, your visa will be approved. You’ll receive approval notification by email.

    Request for Additional Documents: Sometimes minor documents may be requested for clarity. Provide these promptly to avoid delays.

    Interview Call: Rare but possible, especially for certain nationalities. Prepare to answer background check questions at the interview.

    Rejection: Your application may be rejected if documents are insufficient or you fail to meet eligibility criteria. You can reapply with improved documents.

    If approved, you’ll receive your residency (IQama) card in the mail within 7-10 days which is valid for entry into Qatar alongside your passport. Make sure to enter Qatar before the visa expiration date printed on the card.

    FAQs about Applying for a Spouse Visa in Qatar

    Q: What is required for a visa renewal after 1 year?

    Renewing your spouse visa after the initial 1-year period requires similar documents like: passport, marriage certificate, health insurance, your and your sponsor’s employment/residency proofs. The main differences are you’ll apply under the ‘Visa Renewal’ category instead of ‘Initial Visa’ and the validity period granted will be 3 years instead of 1 year.

    Q: Can I work in Qatar on a spouse visa?

    By default, spouse visas do not allow the holder to work in Qatar. However, you can apply for a work permit additionally if your spouse’s company is willing to sponsor your work. This requires approval from the Labour Ministry alongside your residence visa.

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    Q: Can my children be added to my spouse visa?

    Yes, you can include your children under 18 years on your spouse visa application by providing their passports and birth certificates. They will receive a family visa card alongside you valid for the same duration as your spouse visa.

    Q: What happens if my marriage ends after obtaining the visa?

    If your marriage ends through divorce or death of your spouse while holding a Qatari spouse visa, the visa expires immediately. You would need to depart Qatar or change your status by obtaining independent employment within 30 days of marital termination.

    Q: Can I travel outside Qatar on a spouse visa?

    Travel outside Qatar is permitted on a valid spouse visa, however, you need to ensure your visa validity and residence permit covers the duration of your travel plus any trips. It’s safest not to spend more than 30 days outside Qatar during the visa validity period to avoid any issues.



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