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Does Cigna Cover Mental Health Counseling?

Does Cigna Cover Mental Health Counseling

Mental health is an important aspect of overall well-being. However, the cost of counseling and therapy services can be prohibitive without health insurance coverage. If you have a health plan through Cigna, you may be wondering – does Cigna cover counseling?

In this article, we’ll explore Cigna’s mental health benefits in detail to help you understand your coverage options, whether and how Cigna covers counseling so you can make informed treatment decisions.

Does Cigna Cover Counseling – Defining the Coverage landscape

Before diving into the specifics of Cigna plans, it’s important to define some common mental health insurance terms:

Mental Health Parity: Federal law requires that health plans treat mental health benefits the same as medical/surgical benefits. This means services like counseling should have comparable cost-sharing and coverage limits under your plan.

In-Network Providers: These are therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and other licensed clinicians that have contracted with Cigna to accept agreed-upon rates. Seeing in-network providers ensures the highest level of coverage under your plan.

Out-of-Network Providers: Providers without a contract with Cigna. Services from out-of-network clinicians typically have higher out-of-pocket costs.

copays: A fixed fee (e.g. $25) paid per therapy visit.

Deductibles: The amount you pay each year before insurance kicks in. Servicesbefore the deductible is met are usually paid in full by the member.

Coinsurance: The percentage of a service cost split between you and the insurer after deductibles are satisfied, often 80/20 or 90/10.

Annual/Lifetime Limits: The maximum dollar amount plans will pay toward covered services in a given year/ lifetime. These limits have been largely eliminated under mental health parity laws.

With this foundation, let’s explore Cigna’s counseling coverage details across different health plan types.

Does Cigna Cover Counseling – Coverage by Plan Type

Cigna offers a variety of plans through employers and individual/family coverage. Counseling benefits vary but generally fall under these categories:

1. PPO Plans

Cigna PPO plans are among the most popular options. PPO stands for “Preferred Provider Organization” – these plans provide highest-level coverage for counseling when seeing in-network providers:

  • Low copays typically between $20-40 per session
  • Deductible waived for counseling/therapy
  • No waiting periods or pre-approvals needed
  • Option to see out-of-network counselors at higher cost

In PPO plans, counseling services are covered similar to primary care visits. As an example, ABC Company offers a Cigna PPO to employees with $25 copays for in-network counseling and 80/20 coinsurance for out-of-network.

2. EPO Plans

Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) plans function like PPOs but only cover care from in-network providers, except emergencies. Counseling benefits mirror PPOs with low copays, no deductible, and no pre-approvals or waits. The trade-off is less flexibility in choosing providers.

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3. HMO Plans

Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) require members choose a primary care doctor to coordinate care. Counseling is typically covered at lower cost through referrals to approved specialists. Pre-approvals are often required but wait times are minimal for urgent issues. Accessing counseling directly without a PCP referral results in higher out-of-pocket fees.

4. HDHP/HSA Plans

High-Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs) have lower premiums but require meeting a higher annual deductible first (often $1500-$3000 for individuals). Preventive counseling is often covered before the deductible to encourage access to mental health services. For non-preventive counseling, approved counselors can be seen for negotiated rates applied to the deductible and coinsurance costs up to the annual out-of-pocket maximum. Funds can be withdrawn from a paired Health Savings Account (HSA) to help afford deductibles for counseling.

The bottom line is – while coverage details vary, all major Cigna plan types provide counseling benefits to some extent after deductibles are satisfied. The key is understanding your specific plan design.

Does Cigna Cover Counseling – Maximizing Your Benefits

Now that we’ve reviewed Cigna’s coverage landscape, here are some additional tips for maximizing counseling benefits:

Check Your Plan Documents

Review the Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) or full plan policy to verify exact copays, deductibles, provider networks, limits and exclusions related to counseling services. Don’t rely solely on general overviews.

Use Telehealth if Available

Many plans now cover teletherapy on par with in-person visits. This opens access to a wider range of licensed counselors via video, without travel. Cigna’s telehealth vendor is MDLIVE.

Stick to In-Network Providers

Seeking out preferred Cigna network clinicians ensures negotiated rates and transparency around costs upfront. Search “Find Care” on Cigna.com or call Member Services for referrals.

Consider Authorization

Some plans require pre-approval for counseling beyond a set number of sessions. Get the process started early to avoid disruptions or denied claims later on.

Appeal Denied Claims Promptly

If coverage for a counselor or service is denied unexpectedly, ask your provider or Cigna for detailed rationale in writing. You have right to formally appeal within set deadlines if the reasoning seems unjust.

Use Free Preventive Counseling

Under the ACA, preventive counseling for things like depression screening is fully covered pre-deductible. Some plans cover additional sessions too without cost-sharing.

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By understanding your mental health benefits thoroughly and following these tips, you can ensure affordable, seamless access to counseling services through Cigna. Don’t hesitate to call Member Services with any other coverage questions that arise during your treatment journey.

Does Cigna Cover Counseling – Specific Plan Examples

Let’s examine some real-life examples of how counseling benefits play out under different Cigna plans:

Example 1 – Large Employer PPO

Jane has family coverage through her company’s Cigna PPO plan. Her benefits include:

  • $20 copays for up to 20 individual counseling sessions per year
  • 80/20 coinsurance for additional approved sessions
  • Out-of-pocket maximum of $3,000 individually/$6,000 family

Jane pays $20 at each counseling visit until she hits the 20 session limit. Any further approved visits in that plan year require a $200 coinsurance payment (80% covered by Cigna).

Example 2 – Small Business HDHP

Bob’s small company offers a Cigna HDHP. His deductible is $2,500 individual. Preventive counseling is covered at 100% pre-deductible:

  • Annual check-in with no cost
  • 6 additional sessions at negotiated rate of $100 each applied to deductible

Once deductible is met, approved counseling has 20% coinsurance up to the $4,000 out-of-pocket maximum. Bob uses HSA funds to pay for early sessions until hitting his deductible.

Example 3 – Individual EPO Plan

Susan purchased a Cigna EPO on the exchange. Her plan details:

  • $30 copay for 30 counseling sessions per year
  • Referrals required for additional sessions
  • Providers limited to Cigna EPO network

Susan pays $30 each time and needs approval for further care. She’s relieved counseling is affordable and convenient through her Cigna network therapists.

As you can see, real-world scenarios highlight both similarities and differences in counseling benefit structures across diverse Cigna health plans. Understanding your specific coverage specifics is important for budgeting costs of treatment.

Does Cigna Cover Counseling – FAQs

Let’s wrap up by addressing some additional frequently asked questions:

Does Cigna cover talk therapy?
Yes, most Cigna plans provide coverage for talk therapy/counseling services from licensed providers like psychologists, clinical social workers, licensed professional counselors and marriage/family therapists.

Does Cigna cover psychiatrists?
Yes, services from psychiatrists are generally covered as any medical specialist visit. Plans may require higher copays for out-of-network psychiatric care.

Does Cigna cover group therapy?
Group therapy is typically covered similar to individual sessions. Plans may limit the number of covered group sessions annually for approved conditions.

Does Cigna cover counseling for addiction/substance abuse?
Mental health parity laws mean addiction counseling and treatment programs must be covered to the same extent as other health issues. Rehab facility stays may require pre-certification.

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Is there an age limit for counseling coverage through Cigna?
Most Cigna plans do not have age limits for counseling coverage and will cover services for members of any age. However, there are a few things to note:

For children/minors, parental consent may be required for non-preventive counseling beyond a certain age (often 12-14) depending on state laws.

Some student health plans may discontinue dependent coverage at age 26 when no longer a full-time student. Individual or spouse coverage would need to be purchased at that point.

For Medicare-eligible individuals ages 65+, Medicare is primary while a Cigna supplemental or Advantage plan may provide additional behavioral health benefits. It’s important to coordinate coverage between the two.

Does Cigna require pre-authorization for counseling?
While many routine counseling sessions do not require pre-approval, certain Cigna plans may need pre-authorization or notification for:

  • Intensive outpatient counseling programs
  • Partial hospitalization programs
  • Residential treatment facility stays
  • Applied behavior analysis therapy for autism
  • Transitional living services

Check your specific plan documents or contact Cigna to find out what services require prior authorization. Getting approval in advance can help avoid disrupted or denied claims down the road.

How much does counseling cost without health insurance?Unfortunately, counseling services are not always affordable without insurance. Nationally, average out-of-pocket costs for counseling run between $100-250 per session depending on a clinician’s credentials and experience level.

Therapists with advanced licensure like psychologists normally charge more than licensed social workers or professional counselors.

Those without insurance options may be able to get reduced self-pay rates at community health centers or utilize free/low-cost counseling services from universities, non-profits or support groups in their area.

It’s worth exploring all available resources to get needed mental health support. Having health coverage through Cigna or another insurer removes much of the uncertainty around counseling costs.

Wrapping Up

In summary – while counseling benefits vary across specific Cigna plans, the vast majority provide meaningful coverage for talk therapy services from in-network providers. Understanding your plan details upfront and using in-network clinicians ensures the most seamless and affordable access to care.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Cigna directly with any other questions about coverage or locating preferred providers in your area. With the right information and resources, cost should not be a barrier to maintaining good mental wellness through counseling.



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