Can You Share Your Walmart Plus Account with Your Wife?

    Can You Share Your Walmart Plus Account with Your Wife?

    When signing up for new subscription services and memberships, one common question that arises is whether or not the account can be shared with other family members for their use and benefit as well.

    This is a valid question, as sharing accounts can help split costs and provide access for multiple people. In this blog post, we’ll explore whether or not a Walmart Plus account can be shared, and the specifics of how account sharing works for this service.

    What is Walmart Plus and Who Can Use an Account?

    For those unfamiliar, Walmart Plus is a paid membership program from Walmart that provides benefits like unlimited free delivery from stores, fuel discounts, and more. The cost is $98 per year or $12.95 per month.

    When signing up, the primary account holder needs to provide their name, email address, and payment information. Only one billing name and address can be associated with an account. However, Walmart does allow for family account sharing of a Walmart Plus membership under certain conditions.

    Can I Share My Walmart Plus Account with My Wife or Other Family Members?

    The short answer is yes, you can share your Walmart Plus membership with your wife, children, or other family members living in your household. Here are some important specifics on how account sharing works:

    Up to six family members can be added to a single Walmart Plus account for shared usage of benefits. This includes a spouse, children, parents, or other relatives.

    All shared family members must live at the same physical address that is listed on the primary account. No separate billing addresses are allowed.

    Each family member added will need to create their own login and profile, linked to the main account. But they can then place their own orders and take advantage of all Walmart Plus perks.

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    The primary account holder is responsible for the annual or monthly membership fee. Billing details cannot be split between multiple users.

    Family sharing does not allow separate or duplicate deliveries to different addresses. All orders must be shipped to the single billing location.

    So in summary – yes, you can definitely add your wife to your Walmart Plus account for shared use of benefits. Just make sure you both live at the same household address.

    Should I Share My Account or Get Separate Memberships?

    Now that you understand the account sharing policies, the next question is whether sharing one account makes the most sense, or if separate memberships would be preferable. Here are some factors to consider:

    Pros of Sharing an Account

    Lower Cost: By sharing one $98/year membership between multiple users, the per-person cost is reduced significantly vs separate accounts. Great for families.

    Convenience: Only one login to remember, and one payment to manage each year. Less of a hassle than separate logins/billing.

    Shared Benefits: Deliveries, discounts and other perks can benefit all users equally versus splitting them between accounts.

    Pros of Separate Accounts

    Independence: Each user has their own dedicated login and profile without reliance on the primary account holder.

    Delivery Flexibility: Orders could potentially be delivered to multiple addresses simultaneously instead of just one billing location.

    Privacy: Personal order histories, payment details and other account info is kept separate rather than shared/visible to other family members.

    For most families, the shared cost savings of one account tends to outweigh the minor conveniences of independence with separate logins. Just communicate clearly on shared expectations and usage.

    How to Add Family Members to a Walmart Plus Account

    If you’ve decided sharing one Walmart Plus membership makes the most financial sense for your family, here are the simple steps to add other users:

    1. Log into your Walmart Plus account as the primary holder on or the mobile app.
    2. Select “Account” then click “Manage Family Members”
    3. Enter the email address and name of the person you want to add. They will receive an invitation.
    4. They accept the invitation and select a password to activate their shared profile.
    5. Repeat as needed to add up to 5 other family members total.
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    It’s a streamlined process to link additional users while maintaining full control under one billing username as the account owner. Just be sure all shared members are using the service responsibly within the intended sharing guidelines.

    Other Ways to Save With Walmart Plus Family Sharing

    Beyond the basic membership benefits, sharing one Walmart Plus account opens up other potential savings for your household:

    fuel discounts: Additional drivers beyond just the primary account holder can all save cents off per gallon at Walmart gas stations.

    grocery delivery perks: With 6 users, more groceries can be ordered in single batches to maximize the value of unlimited free delivery.

    coupon combining: Multiple users doing pickup/delivery means more opportunities to apply and combine various deals, promo codes and Walmart cash rewards earned between accounts.

    joint wish lists: Spouses, partners or parents/kids can collaborate on shared registries, gift lists and online shopping carts more easily under one membership.

    So in total, a shared Walmart Plus family plan has the ability to multiply savings beyond just the nominal membership cost itself when users fully leverage the perks together.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Family Sharing

    Before sharing your account, it’s wise to address any concerns or confusion upfront to avoid issues down the road. Here are answers to common family sharing questions:

    Can two phones be linked? – No, only one device per profile is permitted for things like scanning digital receipts for fuel discounts.

    What if we move? – The account would need to be updated with the new shared address. Deliveries cannot be sent to multiple locations.

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    Can items be split between orders? – Yes, when checking out the primary account holder can easily divide order items between separate family carts for multiple deliveries/pickups.

    Is personal info visible? – Only to the extent users choose to provide. Order histories, payment methods stay fully private between individual profiles unless voluntarily shared.

    What if someone abuses perks? – As owner you can suspend individual users or remove them completely from sharing benefits if abuse of policies occurs.

    With clear expectations and guidelines, sharing generally goes smoothly. But it’s best to discuss any edge cases openly from the start. Honest communication is key for long-term family account harmony!

    Should You Share Your Walmart Plus Account?

    In conclusion, Walmart absolutely enables and supports sharing your paid membership benefits with up to 5 additional family members living at your home address. The savings can really add up versus individual accounts, while still retaining conveniences like independent logins.

    Just be sure all shared users understand only one physical billing location is tied to the membership. Discuss expectations upfront around appropriate usage, responsibility and potential consequences for any misuse of perks.

    For most households, the reduced costs and flexibility of a shared Walmart Plus plan makes it the obvious best choice over separate memberships. Take a few minutes to add authorized family members today under your account settings to start maximizing the value of your membership for your entire family right away.


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