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6 Best Online Relationship Therapy Services of 2024

6 Best Online Relationship Therapy Services of 2024

As technology progresses, the mental healthcare industry has adapted by introducing online therapy options. In 2024, online relationship therapy has become an accessible and effective way for couples to work on their issues from the comfort of their own homes.

In this post, we’ll explore the top 6 online relationship therapy services based on factors like quality of counselors, treatment methods, affordability, and reviews. Our goal is to help you make an informed choice if you and your partner are seeking counseling but can’t attend in-person sessions regularly.

What is Online Relationship Therapy?

Online relationship therapy, also called teletherapy, involves counseling sessions that take place over video chat platforms like FaceTime, Zoom, or a provider’s proprietary system.

Similar to in-office therapy, online sessions typically last 50-60 minutes and involve discussing issues, practicing communication skills, receiving feedback, and setting goals for improvement. The main difference is that everything happens virtually instead of physically being in the same room.

Some key aspects of online relationship therapy include:

Licensed Therapists: All the counselors providing online therapy sessions must be licensed mental health professionals with experience in relationship counseling. This ensures you receive quality advice and treatment.

Privacy & Security: Reputable providers use encrypted video conferencing platforms and follow HIPAA compliance standards to keep all discussions private. Sessions shouldn’t be recorded without consent.

Flexibility: The convenience of online therapy allows couples to attend sessions from anywhere as long as they have a quiet private space and reliable internet access. This provides more scheduling flexibility.

Treatment Modalities: In addition to counseling conversations, many providers offer worksheets, exercises, reading materials, and assessments to supplement the virtual sessions.

Affordability: On average, online therapy tends to cost less than in-person visits since overhead costs are lower. Many insurances also cover teletherapy now.

With the basics covered, let’s evaluate the top 6 online relationship therapy services of 2024 based on real client reviews.

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What Are The 6 Best Online Relationship Therapy Services of 2024

1. BetterHelp – Best for Affordability and Variety of Counselors

BetterHelp has quickly risen to become one of the largest online therapy platforms, offering counseling on a wide range of mental health issues including relationships. Some key positives:

Affordability – At $60-80 per weekly session paid out-of-pocket, BetterHelp is one of the most budget-friendly options. Many insurance plans also cover it now.

Large Therapist Network – With over 20,000 licensed counselors from varying backgrounds, you’re likely to find a good fit. Counselors can specialize in relationship issues.

Convenience – Schedule sessions online through your desktop or mobile app whenever works for you and your partner each week.

Resources – In addition to live counseling, BetterHelp provides discussion boards, articles, and self-assessment tools.

Where BetterHelp could improve is allowing clients to view counselor profiles and qualifications in more depth before matching. Still, it remains an excellent affordable starting point given the variety of counselors.

2. TalkSpace – Best for Extensive Counselor Bios and Qualifications

TalkSpace is another major player in online therapy with a focus specifically on couples and relationships. Some key strengths:

Counselor Bios – Each counselor has a detailed profile listing credentials, specializations, treatment approaches, and client reviews—quite helpful for selecting the right fit.

Credentials – All counselors are fully licensed in their state with masters or doctorate degrees from accredited programs and years of clinical experience.

Messaging Platform – In addition to live video sessions, you can message your counselor throughout the week for ongoing communication and support between appointments.

Price – At $99 per week for unlimited messaging plus one required weekly video session, it provides good value for resources included.

Relationship Assessments -Anonymous questionnaires help counselors understand your dynamics and tailor sessions effectively.

TalkSpace delivers highly qualified counselors and rich profiles to aid in selection, making it a top choice for thorough online relationship therapy.

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3. Regain.us – Best for Cognitive Behavioral Relationship Therapy

Regain specializes exclusively in cognitive behavioral couple therapy (CBCT)—a goal-oriented, solution-focused approach proven effective for relationships. Here are some key benefits:

Treatment Approach – All counselors are CBCT trained and experienced. This structured modality can be very effective for addressing patterns, communication, and behaviors.

Qualifications – Counselors hold PhDs or PsyDs and licensure as psychologists or marriage therapists. Strict hiring process ensures high level of skill and experience with CBCT.

Exercises – In addition to video sessions, couples receive homework assignments, educational materials, and methods to apply skills between appointments.

Pricing – At $130 per 50-minute session, pricing is mid-range but provides the validated CBCT treatment model.

Customization – The number and frequency of sessions can be tailored based on clinician assessment rather than a one-size-fits-all package.

For couples seeking a proven, goal-focused therapy approach delivered online, Regain stands out as the top choice given its strict CBCT methodology and counselor training standards.

4. Pride Counseling – Best for LGBTQ-Friendly Relationship Counseling

Pride Counseling is exclusively focused on providing culturally-competent counseling to the LGBTQ community, including relationships support. Notable strengths:

Affirming Staff – All counselors are LGBTQ themselves or allied with extensive training in affirmative practices and issues impacting the community.

Non-Judgment – Whether you’re a same-sex couple, transgender partners, or exploring orientation – Pride offers a space free of bias or assumptions about gender and sexuality.

Specializations – Counselors have experience supporting various relationship challenges impacting LGBTQ couples like coming out, parenting as same-sex couples, transgender partner dynamics, and more.

Sliding Scale – Fees are negotiable based on income to ensure affordability. Insurance coverage is also accepted.

Education – Articles, guides, and workshops provide education to strengthen understanding and communication within diverse LGBTQ relationships.

For couples seeking counseling delivered with nuanced cultural understanding, Pride Counseling is unmatched in its affirming approach tailored to the LGBTQ experience.

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5. WellMind – Best for Bundled Packages and Long-Term Care

WellMind takes a holistic perspective for relationship well-being by providing bundled counseling packages supplemented by lifestyle resources. Here are some key strengths:

Package Pricing – Sessions are discounted when purchased in multi-month packages to encourage ongoing care rather than one-offs. Plans start at $99/month.

Whole Health – In addition to counseling, packages include personalized wellness plans, mindfulness exercises, nutrition guidance, and stress management tools.

Accountability – Monthly updates with your counselor help track progress against tailored relationship goals over time rather than brief check-ins.

Peer Support – An online community forum allows clients to connect with and learn from others also working on relationships.

Insurance – Most major plans cover WellMind’s comprehensive services when billing as an employee assistance program provider.

By taking a holistic long-term perspective, WellMind’s bundled care model aims to facilitate true lifestyle changes that nurture healthy, fulfilling relationships.

6. ReGain – Best for Emergency Support and Problem-Solving Sessions

For when you need quick help managing a relationship crisis or resolving an immediate issue, ReGain’s flexible on-demand counseling model is very convenient:

Same-Day Availability – Counselors accept appointments within hours rather than days/weeks for when you need help ASAP.

Problem-Solving Focus – Sessions are brief (30 minutes) but data-driven counselors help tackle concrete issues and devise action plans.

Payment Options – One-off appointments start at $65 or you can pre-pay membership packages for discounted rates on future sessions.

Variety of Modalities – In addition to video, ReGain offers phone calls and text-based counseling via their app for ultimate flexibility.

24/7 Access – While counselors aren’t available at all hours, their on-call service and scheduling system ensures you can get help promptly when an emergency arises.

For de-escalating issues or seeking rapid advice in times of crisis, ReGain’s on-demand approach to relationship counseling proves very useful.



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