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5 Best LegalZoom Divorce Alternatives in 2024


If you’re considering divorce, you’ve probably heard of LegalZoom as an affordable online option. While LegalZoom can be a great starting point, there are even better LegalZoom divorce alternatives that may save you more time and money in the long run.

In this post, I’ll explore the 5 best LegalZoom divorce alternatives based on features, reviews, and pricing. I’ve researched each option thoroughly so you can feel confident making the right choice for your specific divorce needs.

Let’s get started by looking at some key factors to consider when choosing a LegalZoom divorce alternative.

Things to Consider When Choosing a LegalZoom Divorce Alternative

There are a few main things you’ll want to evaluate for each option:

Ease of Use

Look for a service that simplifies the divorce process as much as possible with an intuitive website or app. Paperwork should be easy to fill out without needing legal expertise. Good alternatives make it effortless.

Service Types

Consider whether you just need basic document preparation help or want a more comprehensive service like legal guidance. Some offer various tiers to accommodate different budgets and complexity levels.

Pricing Models

Pricing varies greatly between alternatives. Consider flat fees, hourly rates, packages, subscriptions, and payment plans. Cheaper isn’t always better – make sure any savings aren’t outweighed by hassle or risk.

Customer Support

Exceptional customer assistance can make or break the experience. Check reviews to see response times, availability of live help, and how thoroughly representatives address issues.

Reviews and Reputation

Research feedback from real users on sites like Trustpilot to gauge the quality, accuracy, and stress-free nature of each service. Longer track records suggest reliability.

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With those factors in mind, here are the 5 best LegalZoom divorce alternatives based on thorough research:

5 Best LegalZoom Divorce Alternatives

1. Rocket Lawyer – Best for Full-Service Divorce Assistance

With Rocket Lawyer, you get comprehensive divorce help from onboard lawyers at competitive rates. Their three divorce plan levels accommodate most budgets and needs.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited access to divorce attorneys and legal advice via phone, chat, and secure messages
  • Document preparation assistance for all required paperwork
  • Step-by-step divorce guidance and coaching through each stage
  • Options for basic online divorce ($299), standard divorce ($599), or premium divorce help ($999)
  • Payment plans make divorce more affordable
  • 4.8/5 star rating on Trustpilot from over 52,000 reviews

Rocket Lawyer really delivers on simplifying divorce with quality legal involvement. Their experienced attorneys ensure all bases are covered, while tiered plans keep costs reasonable.

Top-notch support is also highly rated. All told, Rocket Lawyer is the most full-service legal solution.

2. Nolo – Best for Self-Service Divorce Via Books and Software

Nolo takes a more self-guided approach with extensive how-to divorce materials for those who want to handle their case independently. Their library of legal content is unmatched.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive divorce books and software to walk through each step yourself
  • State-specific guides and templates for all required documents and forms
  • Budget-friendly starting at $39.99 for essential digital resources
  • Additional premium membership ($9.99/month) unlocks all Nolo content
  • Website articles answer common divorce questions
  • Over 40 years helping millions navigate law without attorneys
  • 4.6/5 star rating on Google Business for legal self-help expertise
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If you’re comfortable representing yourself and learning as you go, Nolo puts unmatched divorce know-how at your fingertips affordably. Their extensive content library gives maximum control over your case.

3. CompleteCase – Best Online Divorce Forms and Templates

CompleteCase focuses solely on streamlining document preparation with state-specific, automatically populated forms. Their robust templates take the headache out of paperwork.

Key Features:

  • Forms and worksheets cover all areas like separation, child custody, assets, debts, and more
  • Intuitive website walks through each document needed
  • Templates auto-fill based on your simple inputs
  • Starting packages from $179 include all required documents
  • Options for add-ons like parenting plan assistance
  • Secure filing and delivery of finalized documents
  • 4.7/5 star rating on Trustpilot for accuracy and utility

If you don’t need ongoing support but still want divorce paperwork hassle-free, CompleteCase is unbeatable for fast, low-cost templates that ensure compliance.

4. Avvo Divorce – Best for Basic Online Divorce Help

Avvo’s divorce offerings provide an entry-level, budget-friendly starting point for those with simple cases. While light on features, it remains convenient and affordable.

Key Features:

  • $49 gets you state-specific online forms to review, fill, and e-sign
  • Additional $99 package adds guided interview for forms
  • Free basic legal advice from community lawyers
  • Simple pricing with no hidden fees upfront
  • Secure document storage and organization tools
  • Limited ongoing support beyond forms
  • 4.6/5 star rating for initial paperwork help

For divorces involving just basic paperwork or as a first step, Avvo Divorce offers a cost-effective legal solution on a minimal budget. Just be aware support ends after filing.

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5. DoNotPay – Best for Fully Automated Online Divorce

As the most automated option, DoNotPay uses AI to guide members through every divorce step without any human involvement after signup. It’s a very self-serve solution.

Key Features:

  • Chatbot walks through paperwork and filings digitally
  • Forms auto-populated based on your situation
  • Starts from only $49 for basic filing assistance
  • Additional $149 package gets parenting plans too
  • No ongoing support – chatbot does the heavy lifting
  • Rated 4.2 stars on Trustpilot for simplicity
  • Best for uncontested, agreement-based divorces

DoNotPay is ideal if you want a fully-automated divorce at low cost but are willing to go completely alone after setup. The no-strings-attached model keeps it very affordable.

In summing up the 5 best LegalZoom alternatives, I hope this research gives you a solid starting point to choose the right fit depending on your needs, budget, and comfort level doing it yourself versus seeking guidance.

Regardless of the alternative you select, I wish you the very best moving forward in your divorce process. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out – I’m always happy to help however I can.



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