8 Best Podcasts to Help You Get Over a Toxic Relationship

    8 Best Podcasts to Help You Get Over a Toxic Relationship

    Breaking up is hard to do, especially when you’ve been in a toxic or abusive relationship. Ending an unhealthy dynamic can leave you feeling lost, confused, and struggling to process your emotions in a healthy way. While it may seem impossible to move on right now, I promise you – it does get better with time.

    In this post, I’m sharing my top 8 podcast recommendations that can help provide clarity, perspective, and the tools to heal from toxic relationship patterns. These shows offer invaluable wisdom from experts on topics like codependency, setting boundaries, self-esteem, and developing healthy communication skills.

    Listening to these podcasts as part of your daily routine is a proactive step towards recovery. They’ll validate your experience, normalize your feelings, and empower you to make positive changes. So grab your headphones and get ready to start the journey towards a happier, healthier you.

    1. Life After Narcissism with Dr. Ramani Durvasula

    If you’ve just gotten out of a relationship with a narcissist, toxic or emotionally abusive partner, this podcast is a must-listen. Clinical psychologist Dr. Ramani Durvasula is simply the best in the business when it comes to understanding narcissism and its impact.

    Each episode tackles a different aspect of narcissistic abuse – from how to process trauma and grief, to rebuilding self-esteem, setting boundaries, and preventing future toxic relationships. Dr. Ramani breaks down complex psychological concepts in an easy-to-understand way.

    Her compassionate and non-judgmental approach makes you feel seen and supported. Listening provides that much-needed validation that it’s not your fault and you don’t deserve the way you were treated. This podcast is key for making sense of your experience and moving forward in a healthy manner.

    2. UnF*ck Your Brain with Kara Loewentheil

    If negative thought patterns have been keeping you stuck in the past, this podcast from lawyer turned life coach Kara Loewentheil is just what you need. Each episode tackles a different cognitive distortion or unhelpful belief that often plagues those recovering from toxic relationships.

    Through compelling client stories and simple yet powerful reframing techniques, Kara teaches you to recognize and challenge the lies your brain may be telling you. Common themes like low self-worth, people-pleasing, codependency and lack of boundaries are explored with compassion.

    The actionable takeaways provide tangible tools to shift your mindset from victim to victor. Listening regularly is like having a personal coach in your ear, motivating you to replace toxic thoughts with empowering affirmations. This podcast is key for breaking free from the mental prison of your past relationship.

    3. Get Over Your Ex with Janniko Georgi

    As the title suggests, this show is all about navigating the emotional rollercoaster of a breakup and learning to let go of toxic exes for good. Relationship expert Janniko Georgi draws on over 15 years of coaching experience to support listeners wherever they are in the post-breakup process.

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    Each episode tackles a different struggle like anger, regret, loneliness or social comparisons after a split. Janniko provides actionable advice on topics such as no contact rules, reclaiming your identity, dealing with mutual friends, self-care, dating again and preventing unresolved issues from sabotaging your future relationships.

    What sets this podcast apart is the focus on emotional release. Janniko guides impactful expressive writing and visualization exercises to help process grief, forgive past mistakes and gain closure. Listening regularly accelerates healing by leaps and bounds.

    4. Codependency No More with Melody Beattie

    If people-pleasing tendencies or lack of boundaries kept you stuck in your past relationship, this classic codependency podcast is a must. Based on Melody Beattie’s bestselling book of the same name, each episode explores a different aspect of codependent behavior and thought patterns.

    Through compelling client stories and step-by-step exercises, Melody teaches how to establish a strong sense of self, set healthy limits, practice self-care, manage emotions, and form secure attachments. The actionable takeaways provide a roadmap for developing self-love, empowerment and independence – crucial skills for preventing future toxic dynamics.

    Listening helps uncover how codependency may have contributed to your past relationship issues. The insights are eye-opening yet reassuring, empowering you to make positive changes at your own pace. This podcast is perfect for breaking free from people-pleasing tendencies once and for all.

    5. Thrive After Abuse with Ballast Exist

    Healing from toxic or abusive relationships requires specialized support. This compassionate podcast hosted by Ballast Exist focuses specifically on recovery from emotional, verbal, physical and sexual abuse.

    Each episode explores a different aspect of the healing journey through thoughtful discussions with experts in the field. Common themes include PTSD, complex trauma, regaining confidence and safety, rebuilding trust, setting boundaries, preventing revictimization and understanding the dynamics that enable abuse.

    Listeners also share powerful stories of hope and resilience. The validation, education and community this podcast provides is invaluable for abuse survivors. It helps alleviate isolation, make sense of your experiences and gain perspective on how far you’ve come. Highly recommended for those seeking targeted guidance on the path towards thriving once again.

    6. The Baggage Reclaim Sessions with Natalie Lue

    If negative relationship patterns have kept you stuck in the past, Natalie Lue’s insightful podcast is a must-listen. Through compassionate discussions, Natalie helps listeners uncover and overcome self-limiting beliefs about love, partnership and personal worthiness.

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    Each episode explores topics like codependency, people-pleasing, lack of boundaries, trauma bonding, relationship addiction, forgiveness and preventing past mistakes. Natalie draws on over 15 years of experience coaching women through heartbreak.

    Her down-to-earth style and actionable exercises empower listeners to replace disempowering thoughts with confidence, clarity and higher standards. This show is perfect for those ready to identify and break free from toxic relationship patterns for good. Listening regularly accelerates the personal growth needed to attract healthier connections.

    7. Breakup BOOST with Whitney Goodman

    Ending a relationship can leave you overwhelmed by emotions, questions and tasks. This empowering podcast by certified breakup coach Whitney Goodman is the perfect boost during the post-breakup fog.

    Each episode equips listeners with tangible strategies and checklists for topics like self-care, no contact rules, co-parenting, splitting finances, untangling lives, navigating social media and mental decluttering after a breakup.

    Whitney helps simplify the recovery process with her signature BOOST method – providing support for the Big emotions, Organizing logistics, Overcoming obstacles, Self-care strategies and Transitioning forward. Practical tools for each stage of the breakup journey help you stay focused on healing.

    This is a must for those needing guidance on the “what now?” of moving forward after ending a toxic relationship. Listening regularly accelerates your progress and prevents getting stuck in analysis paralysis.

    8. Beyond Bitchy with HeatherEggers

    Ending a toxic relationship can leave you bitter, resentful or just plain fed up with men. Beyond Bitchy is the perfect antidote with its fun, sassy yet insightful approach.

    Relationship coach Heather Eggers interviews successful women who overcame heartbreak with grace. Episodes explore topics like reclaiming your power, banishing blame, embracing self-love, establishing boundaries and preventing future toxic patterns.

    Heather believes the best revenge is living well – and she inspires listeners to do just that. Her charismatic style and client success stories motivate you to leave the past behind and start fresh. This podcast is perfect for those needing a confidence boost to move forward with positivity, strength and no regrets.

    So in summary – whether you need validation, education, emotional processing tools or practical strategies – these eight podcasts provide targeted support for your unique needs and where you are in your recovery journey. Commit to listening regularly and watch your progress accelerate. You’ve got this – onward and upward to the amazing life that awaits!

    FAQs About Podcasts for Getting Over a Toxic Relationship

    Q: I’m still angry and bitter – will these podcasts help?

    A: Absolutely. Podcasts like Life After Narcissism, Thrive After Abuse and Beyond Bitchy are perfect for processing intense emotions like anger in a healthy way. They’ll help you understand why you feel that way, validate your experience and provide tools to move past bitterness so you can heal.

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    Q: How long will it take to feel better?

    A: Every journey is different, but committing to one of these podcasts daily can accelerate your progress significantly. Most listeners report a noticeable shift within 3-6 months as long as they implement the actionable advice. Be patient with yourself and don’t put pressure on timelines. Focus on consistent small wins.

    Q: What if I’m not ready to date yet?

    A: That’s perfectly okay! Podcasts like The Baggage Reclaim Sessions, Codependency No More and UnF*ck Your Brain focus first on developing self-love, independence, boundaries and breaking patterns – all crucial for healing.

    They’ll help you process your past relationship without the pressure of dating prematurely. Take all the time you need to do inner work and fully recover before even considering putting yourself back out there romantically. No podcast here will push you to date before you feel truly ready.

    Q: How do I prevent falling for the same “type” again?

    A: Listen to shows like Life After Narcissism, Codependency No More and The Baggage Reclaim Sessions to gain insight into your “type”. Becoming aware of patterns will empower you to make different choices going forward.

    Implement the exercises to build self-esteem, set boundaries and learn to recognize red flags earlier. Also use the no-contact period to reflect on what you really want and don’t want in a partner. Commit to honoring those standards to avoid repeating toxic cycles.

    Q: Will listening make me feel worse?

    A: It’s normal to feel a range of emotions like sadness, anger or regret as you process your past relationship. However, these podcasts are explicitly designed not to re-traumatize. They validate difficult feelings while also providing hope and empowering messages.

    If an episode ever leaves you feeling overwhelmed, take a break and come back to it later. Focus on self-care too. Overall, listeners report the podcasts help them transition from an initial painful stage into a more empowered phase of healing over time.

    Q: How do I stay motivated?

    A: Break healing into small, manageable daily habits like listening to one podcast episode amid your regular routine. Celebrate even small wins to stay motivated. Connecting with others can also help – join an online support group or tell trusted friends/family about your goals.

    Accountability partners can check-in on your progress. Most importantly, be patient and compassionate with yourself. Consistency is key, not perfection. Your well-being is worth investing in for the long run.



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