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7 Top Divorce Attorneys for Women in the United States

7 Top Divorce Attorneys for Women in the United States

The dissolution of a marriage is never an easy process to undergo. For women facing divorce, it is crucial to seek skilled legal counsel from an experienced divorce attorney who can advocate effectively on your behalf. Navigating complex divorce and family law cases requires strategic expertise that only the best lawyers can provide.

In this post, I examine 7 of the premier divorce attorneys and law firms in the United States that female clients should consider when seeking representation for matters involving divorce, child custody, asset division, spousal support, and other related family law issues.

My evaluations are based on thorough research into each attorney’s qualifications, experience levels, successful case outcomes, client reviews, and more.

By understanding the distinctive strengths and track records of these top divorce lawyers for women, readers can make well-informed choices to obtain the high-caliber legal assistance needed to achieve fair and just resolutions for their specific circumstances.

Let’s explore the options.

Roberta Kaplan – New York, New York

A true trailblazer and advocate for women’s rights, Roberta Kaplan established herself as one of the top divorce and family lawyers in the nation through her groundbreaking legal work. Based in New York City, Kaplan founded her own firm called Kaplan Hecker & Fink LLP in 2004 and has since earned a sterling reputation handling complex divorce cases.

Some of Kaplan’s most notable accomplishments include serving as co-counsel in the historic 2015 Supreme Court case that legalized same-sex marriage across the United States. She also represented Edith Windsor in the case of United States v. Windsor, in which the Defense of Marriage Act was struck down.

Kaplan’s expertise in family and constitutional law makes her exceptionally qualified to litigate divorce proceedings involving significant assets, custody disputes, or issues related to prenuptial/postnuptial agreements.

Clients praise Kaplan for her tenacious advocacy, strategic mindset, and ability to achieve favorable settlements. She meticulously prepares each case and pulls no punches in the courtroom.

For women navigating a divorce with high stakes or unique circumstances, Kaplan’s impressive skills and experience set her apart as one of the premier choices nationwide.

Nancy Chemtob – New York, New York

As senior partner of Chemtob Moss Forman & Beyda LLP, Nancy Chemtob has built a sterling 35-year career championing women in divorce and family cases in New York City.

In addition to handling a high volume of typical divorce matters, Chemtob has developed expertise in complex financial asset division cases involving businesses, real estate holdings, and sophisticated investment portfolios.

Chemtob also litigates post-divorce enforcement issues thoroughly and aggressively on behalf of her clients. She is not afraid to file emergency applications or injunctions when an ex-spouse fails to adhere to divorce settlement terms.

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With numerous reported appellate level court victories under her belt, Chemtob proves herself a formidable adversary in the courtroom as well.

Clients retain Chemtob for her diligence, tenacity, and success obtaining fair financial resolutions, even in the most difficult of financial divorce disputes.

She meticulously investigates all marital assets and illuminates strategic arguments to maximize her clients’ shares. For any woman involved in a divorce with substantial marital property or ongoing financial implications, few attorneys match Chemtob’s qualifications in New York.

Cynthia L. Garner – Atlanta, Georgia

Cynthia Garner established herself as the preeminent matrimonial and family law expert in Atlanta, Georgia over her 30-year career. As founder and senior partner of Garner Law LLC, Garner handles all aspects of divorce litigation, from filing the initial petition through trial and settlement. She also has deep experience counseling clients on prenuptial and separation agreements.

Operating from top-tier office space in Buckhead, Garner maintains a selective caseload to focus intently on each client matter. Her meticulous preparation and courtroom prowess have resulted in numerous precedent-setting legal rulings in Georgia. Garner also litigates complex financial divorce cases involving business valuations and intricate equitable distribution of significant marital assets.

What sets Garner apart is her compassionate bedside manner. She builds strong rapport with clients to understand their unique situations and goals. Garner then develops tailored litigation strategies factoring psychological and emotional elements.

Review sites constantly praise her for explaining complex legal issues clearly and keeping clients well-informed every step of the way. For top-notch guidance navigating a divorce in Georgia, few match Garner’s local expertise.

Kelly Chang Rickert – San Francisco, California

As managing partner of her namesake firm Kelly Chang Rickert LLP, Kelly Chang Rickert brings over 20 years of experience achieving outstanding results for clients in Bay Area divorce and family law matters. Operating two offices in San Francisco and Walnut Creek, Rickert handles all types of divorce cases but has particular mastery over financial dissolution issues.

She has deep expertise valuing and apportioning complex assets like private business interests, stock options, restricted shares, commercial real estate, and investment portfolios.

Rickert also excels at securing spousal and child support awards, especially in common interest marriages or those with International business entanglements. Furthermore, she deftly handles post-divorce enforcement and modification proceedings when agreements go unfulfilled.

Clients consistently applaud Rickert’s precision, strategic mindset, and tenacity in the courtroom. She is not afraid to litigate cases aggressively but also successfully settles the bulk of her docket. For any woman in the San Francisco Bay region seeking top-flight skills parsing complex financial divorces, few match Kelly Chang Rickert’s caliber and experience.

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Maria Cilenti – New York, New York

As senior partner of Cilenti & Cooper, PLLC, Maria Cilenti brings over 30 years of experience championing women in high-asset divorces and related family law matters in New York City. Since founding her boutique practice in 1996, Cilenti has developed particular expertise in financial divorces involving complex business structures, real estate portfolios, and family office wealth.

Beyond customary dissolution issues, Cilenti also has extensive experience litigating prenuptial and postnuptial agreement enforceability. She routinely handles separation agreements, custody and visitation, and post-judgment matters as well. Clients praise her compassionate bedside manner but also relentless advocacy on their financial behalf in and out of courtroom.

Cilenti meticulously evaluates all marital assets and illuminates strategic valuation arguments. She leaves no stone unturned investigating undisclosed income sources or hidden funds.

With dozens of 7-figure property settlements and support awards under her belt, Cilenti proves herself amongst the elite in achieving equitable resolutions for clients in New York’s packed family court system. For high-net worth divorces in the city, few match her qualifications.

Sherri Donovan – Los Angeles, California

At the head of her firm Donovan Family Law in Beverly Hills, Sherri Donovan brings over 25 years of experience achieving top results for clients in Los Angeles area divorces and related matters. She handles all conventional dissolution issues but focuses particularly on complex cases involving significant assets, businesses, and celebrity clients.

Donovan has a sterling track record of securing favorable prenuptial agreement interpretations, multimillion-dollar asset splits, and generous support awards even in the most difficult of high-profile cases.

She excels at navigating the intricacies of business valuation disputes, stock options, deferred compensation, pensions, and intellectual property division. Donovan also routinely handles post-judgment enforcement issues proactively.

With her meticulous preparation and negotiation savvy, Donovan successfully resolves the vast majority of cases through settlement. But she is not afraid to litigate tenaciously whenneeded.

Practicing from a boutique Beverly Hills location, Donovan builds strong rapport and has a proven system for managing client expectations every step of the way. For high-caliber results in Los Angeles’ complex divorce courts, Donovan is a top pick.

Sandra Graber – Chicago, Illinois

Over a prestigious 35-year career, Sandra Graber built a reputation as the premier divorce and family lawyer for affluent clients in Chicago and its surrounding vicinities. Board-certified as a family law specialist, Graber handles all traditional dissolution issues but focuses particularly on sophisticated financial cases at Graber Family Law LLC.

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Based near Gold Coast in River North, Graber has a niche representing high-profile CEOs, businessmen, and their spouses. She adeptly navigates intricate asset partitions, stock options, deferred equity splits, and valuation disputes involving closely-held businesses. Graber also excels at securing generous short and long-term spousal maintenance terms through pretrial resolution or trial.

Beyond quantitative accomplishments in the courtroom, Graber stands out for her compassionate client care. She meets extensively with each spouse to craft nuanced settlement strategies considering psychological and emotional realities.

Graber consistently earns the highest marks for keeping clients well-informed and managing expectations every step of legally arduous processes. For any woman navigating a complex divorce in Chicago, few match Sandra Graber’s qualifications.

Choosing the Right Attorney Matters

As this overview highlights, obtaining legal counsel from an experienced divorce attorney with a proven track record makes an enormous difference in navigating the stress of dissolution proceedings – especially for complex cases involving sizable assets or custody matters.

While every client’s needs and situations differ, the divorce lawyers featured here have established themselves as leaders in their respective regions through consistently achieving outstanding case outcomes and providing top-notch client service.

Some key factors to consider when selecting an advocate include their specialty practice areas most relevant to your circumstances (e.g. high-asset financial cases, custody disputes, etc.), location, years of expertise handling divorce litigation, client feedback/testimonials, successful case resolution track record, approachability of communication style, and comfort level. It’s also wise to inquire about their typical legal costs and billing structures upfront.

Many of these divorce attorneys offer initial complimentary consultations to discuss your specific issues, goals, and explore whether a good fit exists prior to formal engagement. Taking advantage of such consultations allows potential clients the opportunity to interview prospective representatives and get informed opinions on strengths and weaknesses of their situation.

No two divorces unfold identically, so retaining an attentive guide experienced navigating diverse scenarios proves invaluable. Don’t hesitate to ask attorneys about comparable cases they’ve handled and lessons learned to develop representations catered to your unique circumstances. Having such a well-seasoned advocate in your corner often means the difference between an unfair resolution and achieving the maximum outcome possible given the circumstances.

With complex dissolutions especially, the lawyers profiled here bring formidable skills investigating all issues, building strategic litigation approaches, and advocating passionately to help clients resolve matters as smoothly and equitably as achievable.

Rather than endure high-conflict proceedings alone, empower yourself by partnering with a seasoned divorce attorney committed to championing your perspective and interests every step of the way.


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