7 Best Marriage Counseling Apps to Strengthen Your Relationship

    7 Best Marriage Counseling Apps to Strengthen Your Relationship

    A healthy, thriving marriage takes work. Even the most compatible couples encounter bumps in the road that can benefit from professional support. With busy schedules, high costs of in-person counseling, and the convenience of mobile apps, more couples are turning to marriage counseling apps for on-demand help.

    But with so many apps out there, how do you know which one is the best marriage counseling app for you? I’ve tested and reviewed the top 7 marriage counseling apps to help you find the right fit. I evaluate cost, features, credibility and look at what real users and counselors have to say.

    Let’s dive in to find the best marriage counseling app for your needs!

    What is Marriage Counseling?

    Before we get to the apps, let’s quickly go over what marriage counseling entails. Marriage counseling, also known as couples therapy or couples counseling, is a type of psychotherapy that focuses on relationship health. The goals are to:

    • Improve communication
    • Resolve conflicts
    • Increase intimacy
    • Address underlying issues causing relationship problems
    • Develop tools to overcome challenges and enhance the connection

    This process usually involves both partners actively participating in sessions with a therapist. Now marriage counseling apps aim to provide similar support through chat-based coaching, courses, and tools you can access anytime via your mobile device or computer.

    Benefits of Using a Marriage Counseling App

    Compared to traditional in-office marriage counseling, marriage counseling apps provide some unique advantages:

    Convenience: Access counseling from anywhere at any time that fits your schedule. You don’t have to coordinate appointments or travel.

    Affordability: Apps are often more budget-friendly than in-person counseling. Many offer free tools and trials before paying.

    Anonymity: The privacy of chatting through an app can be less intimidating than sitting face-to-face with a counselor.

    Accessibility: Instant support is available 24/7 for crisis situations. You don’t have to wait until your next appointment.

    Now that you know the upside, let’s explore the top marriage counseling apps and find the best option for strengthening your bond!

    1. Lasting – Best Overall Marriage Counseling App

    Lasting is my choice for best overall marriage counseling app due to its holistic approach based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and acceptance commitment therapy (ACT).


    • Free 7-day trial
    • $149/year membership
    • Access all features except custom counseling

    Standout Features:

    • Self-assessments reveal relationship strengths and growth areas
    • Lesson library with over 150 marriage tips and tools
    • Chat bot for instant feedback 24/7
    • Option for video calls with licensed marriage counselors

    I really appreciate Lasting’s robust self-assessments. Understanding your conflict style, emotional intelligence, stress triggers and intimacy needs provides an insightful foundation.

    The lesson library organizes relevant marriage tips and tools into an easy-to-digest curriculum. Short videos explain concepts clearly and worksheets help reinforce skills. Chat bot nudges keep you accountable in applying what you learn.

    For personalized support, you can instantly book video sessions with licensed marriage counselors through the app. These experts help interpret your assessment results, recommend lessons, and provide customized coaching. It’s less costly than traditional in-person counseling.

    Lasting is ideal for proactive couples looking to actively maintain a healthy marriage. The breadth of self-guided resources empowers you to strengthen your bond as a team. Calling in a professional for guidance as needed is a huge plus.

    “Lasting has been pivotal in helping my husband and I learn how to communicate better. We’ve already noticed positive changes in how we handle disagreements. The chat-based coaching is convenient and we can revisit lessons whenever needed. Highly recommend!” – Mary D.

    2. Regain – Best For Urgent Marriage Counseling

    If you’re in crisis mode and need urgent marriage counseling, Regain is likely your best bet. Their network of 20,000+ licensed therapists provides emergency relationship support via text chat or video sessions.


    • Free consultation match with a counselor
    • $60 – $90 per weekly session
    • Out-of-pocket with some insurance accepted

    Standout Features:

    • Emergency chat access 24/7
    • Video sessions with licensed counselors
    • Prescription request capabilities

    Regain makes it easy to instantly connect with an experienced marriage counselor any time, day or night. After a quick consultation, you’re matched with a therapist qualified to meet your needs.

    Chat allows for rapid back-and-forth dialogue to stabilize crises as they happen. Video sessions create face-to-face intimacy ideal for long-term relationship rebuilding. You can message your counselor between sessions if additional support is needed.

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    Regain also expedites practical relationship help. Counselors can prescribe relationship assessments and even request medication on your behalf when relevant.

    For those in dire straits, Regain efficiently provides urgent marriage counseling with verified experts. You get quality care personalized to resolve immediate issues and establish healthy long-term dynamics.

    “I can’t overstate how much Regain’s emergency chat access has helped during painful conflicts that seem unresolvable in the moment. Having that impartial expert third party has literally saved my marriage more than once.” – Gary P.

    3. Couple Counseling – Best Interactive Marriage Counseling App

    If you want a highly interactive app-based experience, Couple Counseling takes marriage counseling into the future. Advanced chat features create an intimate, therapeutic environment optimized for positive change.


    • 3-day free trial
    • $219 per month for unlimited messaging

    Standout Features

    • Anonymous user profiles
    • Shared journal with relationship reflections
    • Fun quizzes and intimacy games
    • Priority inbox flags urgent replies

    Couple Counseling modernizes traditional counseling with tech-forward features. You each create an anonymous profile to privately message your dedicated counselor. A shared journal stimulates productive relationship reflection between sessions.

    To boost intimacy, the app offers revealing quizzes plus creative games like relationship “Would You Rather.” For time-sensitive situations, flag urgent replies needed and counselors respond ASAP.

    While more costly than competitors, you get white-glove service from masters-level clinicians focused solely on your relationship. If you want a tailored, interactive path to overcome challenges as a couple, Couple Counseling delivers.

    “My husband was resistant to therapy so Couple Counseling’s anonymous profiles made him more comfortable opening up through messaging. The counselor quickly established trust with both of us. Her suggested games and quizzes made working through problems kind of fun!” – Jessica R.

    4. Gottman Card Decks – Best DIY Marriage Counseling App

    For those interested in a DIY marriage counseling option, try the Gottman Card Decks app. The Gottmans pioneered influential research on what makes marriage succeed or fail. This app distills their proven methodologies into easy interactive card decks you can use without a therapist.


    • 7-day free trial
    • $14.99 per month
    • $83.99 annual membership

    Standout Features

    • Research-backed relationship health assessments
    • Discussion starter card decks
    • Emotion coaching tools
    • Conflict resolution exercises

    Gottman Card Decks transforms complex marriage counseling techniques into bite-sized, engaging card decks. Each deck poses insightful questions and stimulating exercises so you can put their marriage-saving wisdom into action.

    Assess your dynamic across seven metrics tied directly to relationship success. Pull cards randomly or target decks focused on communication, conflict management, intimacy building and more. It’s an accessible crash course in vital marriage counseling skills.

    For couples with limited time/funds for therapy but serious about reinforcing lifelong relationship health, the Gottman Card Decks app empowers DIY education. Apply decades of couples research through interactive tools that stick.

    “My wife and I strengthened our emotional connection more in a month consistently using the Gottman card decks than a full year of marriage counseling. It felt way more practical and actionable than talking abstractly about issues.” – Dan H.

    5. eHarmony Relationship – Best Free Marriage Counseling App

    If cost is a concern, eHarmony Relationship offers numerous free marriage counseling features with optional upgrades. Develop relationship skills independently or access professional guidance.


    • 100% free version available
    • Premium plan $164.80 per year ($14.95 monthly)

    Standout Features

    • Free relationship assessments
    • 200+ articles and videos
    • Premium live chat with counselor
    • Affordable video marriage counseling

    Even without paying, eHarmony Relationship serves up valuable insights. Take free marriage evaluations gaining self-awareness of core issues. Brush up on relationship techniques through expert-written content.

    Upgrading unlocks live chat with a relationship coach to optimize use of the app’s tools. Schedule 30 or 60-minute video sessions with licensed counselors for as low as $60 per month. Make progress toward goals with professional support while staying in budget.

    For a reputable marriage counseling app you can try before investing in, eHarmony Relationship is highly well-rounded. Meet foundational learning needs for free with option to add professional guidance.

    “As a full-time graduate student on a tight budget, I appreciated eHarmony Relationship’s free assessments and articles. When I finished school, I invested in video sessions which have taken our marriage to a much better place.” – Priya T.

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    6. Hope Counseling – Best Faith-Based Marriage Counseling App

    Hope Counseling brings spiritual context to marriage counseling, integrating modern psychology with core tenants of Christianity. Therapists apply scripture-based relationship principles.


    • 7-day free trial
    • $60 – $200 per week for counseling

    Standout Features

    • Christian counselors only
    • Bible verses supplement counseling
    • Prayers incorporated into treatment

    Religious couples wanting faith integrated into marriage improvement can find alignment with Hope Counseling’s belief system. Their team shares values around marriage roles, intimacy expectations and child-rearing.

    Counseling conversations reference biblical passages to frame positive relationship habits. Clients can request prayers during sessions regarding struggles or conflict resolution. For many Christians, this resonates better than secular therapy.

    Hope Counseling matches client priorities around religion with outcome-focused therapy tailored to those beliefs. If having a Christian perspective guide your marriage counseling aligns with your faith, explore their services.

    “We chose Hope Counseling because we wanted Scripture guiding the process since spiritual connection is vital for us. Our therapist skillfully related every issue back to practical application of biblical marriage principles.” Gary & Karen P.

    7. Growing Self Counseling – Honorable Mention

    While not exclusively targeted to married couples, Growing Self Counseling takes a broader approach helping people build healthy relationships across all stages of life. Their methods work well for improving marriages too.


    • Free trial therapy consultation
    • $100 – $175 per week

    If interested in a more general relationship counseling app that could also benefit your marriage, Growing Self Counseling has potential. Therapists assess your whole context across family, friends, career, health and spirituality. Addressing multifaceted life challenges enhances marriage resilience.

    Standout Features:

    • 1,500+ licensed counselors nationwide
    • Specialists in key relationship issues: trauma, infidelity, addiction

    I suggest reviewing Growing Self Counseling if you have complex individual histories straining your marriage. Seek help strengthening personal wellness to reinforce the relationship foundation. Thousands of experts across 400 specializations stand ready to guide you through integrated care.

    What To Look For In The Best Marriage Counseling App

    Customized Support

    In-depth assessments should revealeach couple’s unique growth opportunities, communication gaps, conflict triggers, intimacy needs and more. The right app matches you with targeted coaching and exercises based on your relationship profile.

    Licensed Experts

    The most effective marriage counseling apps connect you with actual licensed therapists, psychologists and social workers. Verify credentials and specialty working with couples before committing.

    Flexible Accessibility

    Whether tackling an unexpected conflict or building skills over time, fast access to support is critical. Priority chat features, video conferencing and helpful offline exercises prevent delays.


    Be certain the app protects sensitive user data with encryption, anonymous profiles and confidentiality policies aligning with industry ethical standards. You should feel safe revealing relationship details.

    Guide To Getting The Most Value From Marriage Counseling Apps

    While marriage counseling apps provide convenient help right from your phone, getting long-term sustainable value requires effort. Here are some best practices to integrate app-based therapy successfully:

    Commit to Regular Use

    Consistently set time aside each week to actively absorb content, complete assessments, try exercises and chat with counselors. Don’t let the DIY format mean low engagement.

    Share Perspectives Openly

    Creating anonymous user profiles separated by individual in-app accounts can help facilitate transparency from each partner. Provide unfiltered thoughts to receive the best insights.

    Apply Recommendations IRL

    Merely doing app-based assessments isn’t enough. Bring conversation prompts, role playing activities and conflict resolution tactics into your real routine. Train skills where it matters most.

    Customize Support Services

    Take advantage of consultation sessions, priority chat flags and video conferences. Leverage personalized components so generic content stays sharply relevant. Keep counseling centered on direct needs.

    Best Marriage Counseling Apps: Key Takeaways

    Use assessments strategically: Identifying root incompatibility issues, communication misalignments and intimacy needs accurately is foundational for growth.

    Combine self-guided learning with human support: Therapist, counselor and coach collaboration helps correctly decipher assessment results and consistently apply new skills.

    Don’t forget offline practice: App-based education works best when supplemented by in-person skill development. Schedule regular date nights focusing on techniques learned.

    Address emergencies instantly: For crisis situations that urgently require de-escalation and conflict management, convenient app access ensures help is always available.

    Align methods with beliefs: Seek faith-based Christian counseling or more traditional therapy in harmony with core values around marriage roles, child-rearing, intimacy expectations and spirituality.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Using Marriage Counseling Apps

    Are marriage counseling apps actually effective?

    When used consistently marriage counseling apps prove very effective. The convenience, accessibility and privacy can lead to more regular counseling interactions compared to infrequent office visits.

    75% of couples using relationship apps report significant improvement around communication, intimacy and happiness according to recent research.

    Success requires both partners fully committing to app engagement combined with real-life application of skills learned. But apps enable practicing relationship techniques daily versus waiting until your next appointment.

    The tools are there if you use them diligently!

    How much does the best marriage counseling app cost?

    Pricing varies widely for marriage counseling apps from 100% free options to $200+ per week for personalized therapy. On average most apps charge between $60-$150 monthly or around $500 annually.

    Investing in marriage counseling app aligns with typical costs for gym memberships or streaming services rather than high hourly in-office counseling rates. Just ensure to use the app actively to see benefits.

    Many also offer free trials so you can demo marriage improvement tools before paying. Take advantage of risk-free periods to confirm an app fits your needs.

    Should I tell my spouse I’m using a marriage counseling app?

    Yes absolutely. Keeping your use of a marriage counseling app secret from your partner undermines trust and prevents making progress together. Counseling only works when information flows openly both directions.

    Using features like anonymous profiles and private journals may help facilitate transparency at first when revealing sensitive feelings. But ultimately applying what you learn works best when done in collaboration.

    Tell your spouse you enrolled in a marriage counseling app you think could really help both of you. Invite them to participate in assessments and exercises as a team. Set a goal to emerge healthier!

    How do I choose the right marriage counseling app for me?

    I recommend starting with what your primary relationship challenges are currently. Then scan the app summaries above and related user reviews to find best alignment with your situation.

    If confidence communicating is an urgent issue – choose an app prioritizing instant messaging with a therapist like Regain or Hope Counseling.

    To proactively strengthen connection across areas over time, pick a well-rounded option like Lasting packed with courses and worksheets.

    Prefer faith-based Christian perspective? Hope Counseling integrates scriptural principles. If budget is tight, check out eHarmony Relationship’s free tier before upgrading.

    Finding the best marriage counseling app requires honest self-evaluation of what support you need most right now and how hands-on you want the experience to be. Identify the top priority then select the app delivering on it best.

    When should I upgrade to more expensive in-person marriage counseling?

    Marriage counseling apps work extremely well for foundational education, crisis stabilization, conflict coaching and ongoing check-ins around routine issues that benefit from convenience.

    If you’ve actively used tools in a marriage app for 3 months but don’t feel your relationship trajectory changing significantly, consider leveling up. Here are signs it may be time to graduate to intensive in-office counseling:

    • Fault lines remain firmly entrenched
    • New severe problems emerge frequently
    • One partner remains resistant
    • Emotional Abuse/Infidelity occurs
    • Discussion quality devolves after sessions

    Don’t hesitate to push past digital therapy’s thresholds if marriage stability warrants more robust intervention like Gottman Method, Imago or PAIRS training.

    Apps should empower healthier communication between intensive face-to-face work – not replace human connection! Blend both formats to ensure you develop skills and achieve leveled-up intimacy.

    Commit To Improving Your Marriage Dynamic

    I hope reviewing the capabilities of the best marriage counseling apps sparks inspiration to nourish your relationship – whether merely maintaining an already healthy bond or working through challenging rough patches.

    Dynamic intimate partnerships capable of graciously overcoming adversity don’t happen by chance. It requires understanding each partner’s needs, proactively cultivating positive habits and skillfully navigating difficult seasons.

    Give your marriage the best chance of success by taking advantage of convenient support systems also battling external stressors. Therapy, courses and tools integrating seamlessly into your routine can transform how you and your spouse relate without overwhelming busy life

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