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5 Best Uncontested Divorce Lawyer in NYC

5 Best Uncontested Divorce Lawyer in NYC

Uncontested divorce is one of the most common types of divorces filed in New York City. When both spouses agree on custody, child support, property division and other key issues related to divorce, filing an uncontested divorce allows separating couples to end their marriage in a less adversarial manner.

While uncontested divorces seem straightforward on the surface, it’s still important to work with an experienced divorce attorney.

A knowledgeable lawyer can ensure you navigate the legal process properly and protect your rights/interests. They also draft divorce settlement agreements that hold up legally.

After extensive research including analyzing online reviews, credentials and experience levels, here are our top 5 recommendations for the best uncontested divorce lawyers in NYC:

1. David Centeno Law

With over 15 years of experience practicing family law in NYC, David Centeno Law remains one of the most trusted names for uncontested divorce.

David Centeno and his team have handled thousands of divorces in the city. They have a stellar 4.8 rating on Avvo with over 200 reviews commending their compassion, responsiveness and strong negotiation skills.

Other key reasons we rate them highly:

Flat fees start at $1,500 for basic uncontested divorces, including all necessary paperwork. This provides clients predictable costs.

Attorneys are available for evening/weekend consultations to accommodate busy schedules.

They offer a 100% money back guarantee if the divorce is not finalized, demonstrating confidence in their work.

In addition to divorce, they also assist with legal separation, annulments and other post-divorce matters like spousal support.

2. The Law Offices of Clement Daniel, P.C.

Daniel Clement is considered one of the preeminent divorce practitioners in NYC, having been practicing law for over 25 years.

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He has handled thousands of divorces in the city, providing personalized service tailored to each client’s unique situation. Clement takes a solution-focused approach to resolve issues efficiently and compassionately.

With a sterling 4.8-star rating across dozens of reviews, clients laud his expertise, responsiveness and reasonable fee structure. Fees are scaled based on assets/complexity but basic packages start under $3,000.

Clement also publishes regularly on divorce law updates/trends. His extensive experience and knowledge helps clients protect their interests through the process.

3. Law Office of Richard Roman Shum

Richard Roman Shum is a top-rated Manhattan divorce lawyer possessing over 5 years of experience practicing exclusively family law in NYC.

He has a perfect 5-star rating on Avvo and Google based on reviews commenting on his accessibility, diligence and client-focused approach. Shum goes above and beyond to answer questions every step of the way.

His practice focuses on uncontested divorces priced affordably from $1,850 – $3,500 total depending on property/custody issues involved.

Beyond filing for divorce, Shum also handles legal separation, annulment and orders of protection. He’s fluent in English and Mandarin to serve Chinese speaking clients.

4. Cedeño Law Group

Operating across the five boroughs of NYC, Cedeño Law Group has emerged as a leader in Latinx divorce law with a team fluent in Spanish.

Founding attorney Luis Cedeño has practiced law for over 10 years and focuses exclusively on Colombian, Ecuadorian, Mexican and other Latin American immigrant communities in the city.

Clients rave about Cedeño’s cultural competency, relating to their unique challenges as immigrants going through divorce. He crafts solutions respecting their values and heritage.

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Through transparent flat fees starting at $1,750, they demystify the legal process. Additional services like parenthood classes help minimize conflict post-divorce.

5. Rudyuk Law Firm

As a top-rated Russian/Eastern European divorce lawyer in NYC, Rudyuk Law Firm deserves recognition.

Attorney Roman Rudyuk is highly experienced in assisting Russian, Ukrainian and neighboring country expat communities navigate the US family court system.

He communicates regularly with clients in their native languages to breakdown legal jargon and cultural differences simply. This level of understanding puts clients at ease.

Pricing is straightforward too from $1,500 with no hidden fees. Rudyuk prioritizes availability, promptly responding to emails and calls outside business hours.

How to finding the best uncontested divorce lawyer in NYC

Interview Multiple Attorneys: While the above lists top recommendations, interview 3-5 lawyers to assess fit. Ask about experience, fees, communication style and whether they offer a free consultation.

Consider Language & Cultural Needs: As shown above, factors like Spanish or Russian fluency can matter greatly if English isn’t your primary language. An attorney sensitive to cultural nuances puts clients at ease.

Verify Credentials & Licenses: Check the NY courthouse’s attorney directory to confirm lawyers are in good standing. Also verify claims of years practicing, success rates and specializations match reality.

Understand Pricing Models: Flat fees promote transparency but some variance exists. Hourly billing requires clarity on estimated hours. Flat unbundled services let you hire help à la carte for each task.

Evaluate Online Reviews: Sites like Avvo, Google and specialty legal directories provide useful insights from verified past clients. Look for consistent accolades over time, not just ratings.

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Examine Court Record: Search public domain court records and determine if potential lawyers have a solid record of case resolutions that benefit their clients.

Request Guarantees in Writing: Reputable lawyers will outline service level agreements, money-back policies and response timeframes in engagement letters upfront.

Factor Personality Matches: A therapist-style approach lets one lawyer jive with you better during stressful divorces. Interview to find a advocate you feel heard by.

So in summary, dedicating proper time and care to vet uncontested divorce attorneys leads clients to the best suited advocate empowering them through the legal process. The five firms profiled above represent exceptional choices based on holistic analysis

Wrapping Up

In summary, the above 5 choices are highly recommended as the best uncontested divorce attorneys in New York City based on their credentials, experience levels, reviews and service approaches tailored to diverse demographics.

Do your research to select one aligned with your unique needs and situation. A qualified lawyer represents the best way to complete your divorce with legal protections in place.



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