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25 Pieces of Funny Yet Surprisingly Insightful Marriage Advice

25 Pieces of Funny Yet Surprisingly Insightful Marriage Advice

Marriage is a joyous commitment but it also comes with its fair share of challenges along the way.

While many turn to more traditional sources of marriage advice like self-help books or relationship experts, some of the best nuggets of wisdom can be found through humor. Laughter has a unique way of cutting through tension and helping us gain perspective on even the most stressful of situations.

In that spirit, I’ve compiled 25 pieces of funny yet surprisingly insightful marriage advice. Some will make you chuckle while others may cause you to pause and reflect a bit more deeply.

Regardless, my hope is that this list brings you and your spouse a little levity as you navigate life together.

25 Best Funny Marriage Advice

1. Choose your battles wisely.

When tensions arise, remember that you’re on the same team. Pick your fights carefully and let the small stuff roll off your back. Is this really a hill worth dying on? More often than not, the answer is no.

2. Don’t go to bed angry.

But also don’t feel like you have to resolve everything before sleep. A good night’s rest can give you both a refreshed perspective in the morning.

3. Say “I love you” daily, even when you want to say something else.

Expressing affection and appreciation, especially during disputes, can help defuse anger and remind you of your underlying bond.

4. Don’t sweat the small stuff. And it’s almost always small stuff.

The daily ups and downs will fade from memory much quicker than the meaningful moments you share. Focus on what really matters.

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5. Never assume your partner can read your mind.

Use your words to communicate needs, desires and feelings clearly. Misunderstandings often arise from making undue assumptions.

6. Accept that you’re both going to annoy each other sometimes. It’s inevitable.

But don’t turn minor irritations into indictments of character. Give grace and the benefit of the doubt wherever possible.

7. You don’t have to like your partner’s friends. You just have to be nice to them.

Pick your battles – it’s not worth causing conflict over people who aren’t intrinsic to your relationship. Civility costs little.

8. Say “I’m sorry” when you’re wrong, and mean it.

And don’t just apologize for getting caught. Own your mistakes, make amends if needed, and commit to doing better.

9. Don’t sweat the small stuff…and it’s almost always small stuff (Part 2).

We all repeat ourselves from time to time. The important thing is that you’re making an effort to let go of trivial disagreements.

10. Never go to bed on an argument.

Unless you really want to sleep on the couch. Then by all means, keep it going as late as possible!

11. Say thank you for the little things.

Taking each other for granted is a sure way for resentment to build up slowly over time. Express gratitude whenever you can.

12. Don’t try to change who your partner is. Accept them for who they are.

Loving someone means embracing both their virtues as well as their quirks. Pick your battles wisely.

13. It’s okay if you don’t always like each other. But please keep in mind that you’re on the same team.

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Relationships ebb and flow. Remember your shared goals and commitment during disagreements.

14. Don’t sweat the small stuff…and it’s almost always small stuff (Part 3).

Alright, I’ll stop repeating myself now. You get the point!

15. Say “I love you” daily, even when you want to say something else (Part 2).

It bears repeating. Expressing care and affection regularly is so important for relationship health.

16. Your partner is not a mind reader. Use your words.

Clear, honest communication is key to avoiding misunderstandings. Speak up respectfully about what’s on your mind.

17. Pick your battles wisely, choose kindness, and don’t sweat the small stuff.

A succinct summary of much of the advice here! Focus on what really matters.

18. Say thank you and show appreciation as often as you can.

Taking each other for granted is a relationship killer. Expressing gratitude costs nothing.

19. Laugh together. Have fun together. Cherish the little moments.

Laughter and playfulness are like nourishment for any marriage. Make time for inside jokes and silly memories.

20. It’s okay to disagree on some things. You’re individuals too.

Healthy debate is fine – respect, empathy and compromise are needed to resolve conflicts respectfully.

21. Say “I’m sorry” when you’re wrong, and mean it. And don’t just apologize for getting caught.

We all make mistakes; owning up to ours strengthens trust and intimacy.

22. Never go to bed angry without attempting to resolve issues.

But don’t force long talks when tensions are high. Sleep may provide better clarity and perspective.

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23. Pick your battles wisely and don’t sweat the small stuff. I repeat myself because it’s that important!

You can never hear this advice too many times. Letting trivial matters slide avoids needless arguments.

24. Date your spouse. Keep courting even after “I do.”

Maintain romance, surprise each other, share new experiences together to strengthen your bond over time.

25. Marriage isn’t 50/50, it’s 100/100. Both people must be fully committed to the other’s happiness.

With understanding, patience and teamwork, you can overcome any challenges together. Focus on serving one another.

In summary, marriage is a journey that requires effort, flexibility and a good sense of humor. While no relationship is perfect, these lighthearted tips highlight some practical ways to nurture intimacy, defuse conflict and maintain perspective along the way.

Laughter and patience truly are relationship superpowers when used wisely. I hope you and your spouse find moments of levity even in the everyday ups and downs. Wishing you many years of joy together!



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