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11 Proven Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Admire You More

11 Proven Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Admire You More

It’s only natural that as a girlfriend, you want your boyfriend to admire and respect you. Maintaining that spark in the relationship takes effort from both parties. While he likely loves you for who you are already, going the extra mile with some of these thoughtful gestures is sure to win you even more brownie points.

In this guide, we’ll explore 11 practical ways you can impress your boyfriend and strengthen the bonds of your relationship. The key is showing him through your words and actions how much you care. So read on for some field-tested techniques to really wow him!

Be An Excellent Listener

One of the best ways to impress someone is by actively listening when they talk. Show your boyfriend you care about what’s important to him by making eye contact, nodding along, and asking follow up questions. Resist the urge to check your phone or interrupt. Give him your undivided attention.

A 2013 study published in the Journal of Relationships Research even found that listening is one of the top qualities people look for in a partner. Your boyfriend will feel respected, understood and cared for if he knows you’re hanging on his every word. Plus, you’ll learn more about him in the process.

Cooking His Favorite Meal

What guy doesn’t love having his stomach filled with delicious home cooking? Surprise your boyfriend by rustling up his all-time favorite meal. Ask what dishes he raves about from his childhood or look up recipes together of cuisine he’s expressed an interest in.

Put your cooking skills on display by making something from scratch. The smell of his most beloved dishes wafting out of the kitchen is sure to get his mouth watering. Plus, he’ll be impressed by your dedication to learning his culinary tastes. Cooking with care is a timeless way to any man’s heart.

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Learn About His Passions

If you really want to wow your boyfriend, show interest in the things that fascinate him most. That could mean tagging along to a sporting event he likes, listening closely during discussions about his hobby or helping him with a passion project he’s researching.

Looking up information on your own to better understand his interests demonstrates how much you care to connect with that part of him. Ask probing questions respectfully – don’t just nod along if you’re confused. He’ll appreciate your enthusiasm for sharing the activities and knowledge he finds most meaningful.

Write Him Love Letters

In our digital world, receving a heartfelt, handwritten letter is extra special. Pen some loving words expressing how much he means to you and your feelings. Sprinkle in fond memories you’ve shared together and things you appreciate about him. Slide it discreetly into his backpack or car one day as a touching surprise.

Research shows writing about relationships can help strengthen emotional bonds. Your boyfriend will be touched that you took the time to put pen to paper. Save the texting and calls for everyday check-ins – reserve love letters for expressing deep feelings in a thoughtful, timeless format he’s sure to cherish.

Improve Your Communication Skills

Fights and misunderstandings often stem from poor communication more than actual conflicts. Make a conscious effort to improve your listening without judgment, to assert yourself respectfully and compromise when needed. Validate his perspectives too by paraphrasing back what you heard.

Negotiating problems effectively as a team will make your boyfriend respect your emotional intelligence. He’ll also appreciate you both putting in work to strengthen crucial relationship skills. Try using “I statements” instead of accusations too for discussing touchy topics productively.

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Plan Surprise Date Nights

Who doesn’t love a well-planned surprise? Keep the spark alive by occasionally throwing together fun date ideas on short notice he never saw coming. Check Groupon for experience packages, look up attractions new to both of you or make reservations at a restaurant you’ve discussed visiting.

Put thought into the details from start to finish. Your spontaneity and care in setting the mood will impress him. Bonus points if you carve out time for intimate connection without distractions afterward too. Memorable dates strengthen intimacy and satisfaction in a relationship.

Offer Acts Of Service

While quality time together is important, so are acts of service to make his life easier. Offer to help with tasks like yard work, fixing minor things around the house or picking up his dry cleaning without being asked. Bring him a healthy snack and drink while he works too.

Taking the lead with selfless gestures sends the message you have his back unconditionally. He’ll appreciate your generosity and team spirit in sharing responsibilities. Acts of service help any partnership run smoothly while expressing love through action.

Boost Your Confidence

Nothing impresses a guy more than a girlfriend who radiates confidence. Work on becoming comfortable in your own skin through inner transformation instead of outer validation alone. Make eye contact when you converse, hold your head high and smile naturally.

Give compliments to others without seeking them yourself. Focus on your strengths and developing new skills steadily. Your boyfriend will pick up on your elevated self-esteem and feel proud to have such a poised partner. Confidence fuels attraction and empowers you to show up fully in all areas of life.

Challenge Gender Norms Respectfully

While tradition has its place, showing flexibility in thinking appeals to many modern partners. If projects typically assigned to one gender interest you more, politely discuss alternating tasks occasionally, with understanding on both sides.

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Suggest picking up a new hobby or skills together outside typical gender roles. Respectfully challenging societal defaults demonstrates you’re secure thinking independently yet equally valuing teamwork. Growth requires leaving rigid perceptions behind for mutual understanding instead.

Give Unexpected Compliments

We all crave feeling valued in a relationship. Catch your boyfriend off guard in a good way by frequently finding sincere compliments about his character or little things you notice and appreciate. Maybe it’s how he helped an elder or tuned in to your feelings that day.

Studies show providing four positive remarks or expressions of gratitude for every criticism helps people and couples feel more affirmed. Watch for opportunities daily to point out his admirable qualities genuinely to lift his spirits and reinforce your bond.

Make Quality Time sacred

Phones, TV and everyday distractions pull couples apart if not mindful. Set aside blocks of time, maybe during daily walks or weekend excursions, when technology, task-focusing and multi-tasking are banned.

Look each other in the eyes, give your full presence and focus entirely on nourishing your connection through rich conversation. Afterwards, he’ll feel heard, validated and like a priority. Quality time spent together meaningfully is priceless in any flourishing relationship.


In conclusion, impressing your boyfriend takes effort but pays off hugely in bringing you closer through understanding, trust and admiration for each other. Focus on active listening, acts of service with care, boosting his confidence respectfully and cherishing quality bonding time together. He’ll feel respected as your equal partner in a thriving relationship built to last.



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